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Hydro-Hopper is a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten and can be accessed through the Dock.

In the game, the player rides along on an inner tube, towed by a motorboat, and has to go through the various levels. The inner tube follows the mouse in an arc, based on its horizontal position, and the player can jump by pressing the left mouse button or with the space bar.


In each level, a series of obstacles appear on the screen, and the player must avoid them. Running into an obstacle tips the player over, and the player loses a life, from a total of 3. Starting level 2, the player may gain another life by collecting white life rings, but may never have more than 3 lives left. The game ends by being tipped over without having lives left.

Whenever the player dodges an item, they receive 1 point, or 10 points if they jump over the obstacle; the only exception being gray buoys, which will tip the player over anyway if they try to jump over it. In the end of the game, the player earns a coins for every 10 points from the total score, rounded to the nearest multiple of 10.


  • Static obstacles - exist in all levels
    • Wood logs
    • Yellow periscopes
    • Bottles with a message
    • Small icebergs
    • Beach balls
    • Frog - starting level 3
    • Buoys - starting level 2
  • Moving obstacles - start level 4
    • Shark fins - move diagonally - starting level 5
    • Ducks - can change direction - starting level 4
  • Support
    • Life Tubes - Gives extra tube


  • The Yellow Arrow Wakeboard and Pink Striped Wakeboard can be used in this game. Having them equipped will let the player ride on them, stay in the air longer when they jump, and grant double points for each obstacle jumped over.
  • It was confirmed in devcast that they want to revamp Hydro-Hopper.[1]
    • In September of 2018, Joee confirmed that he also wants to add Hydro-Hopper stamps.[2]



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