Igloo Upgrades Apr'18 was an edition of the Igloo Upgrades catalog. It was released on May 2, 2018 and expired on May 16, 2018.



Icon Item Cost
Pink Carpet.png
Pink Carpet 530 Coin Icon.png
Dirt & Leaves.png
Dirt & Leaves Floor 400 Coin Icon.png
Dark Stone Tile.png
Dark Stone Tile 800 Coin Icon.png
Dance Floor (Flooring).png
Dance Floor 1000 Coin Icon.png
Snowy Floor.png
Snowy Floor 400 Coin Icon.png
Burgundy Carpet.png
Burgundy Carpet 530 Coin Icon.png
Maple Hardwood.png
Maple Hardwood 620 Coin Icon.png
Green Carpet.png
Green Carpet 530 Coin Icon.png
Blue Carpet.png
Blue Carpet


Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Secret Stone Igloo Icon.png
Secret Stone Igloo 2000 Coin Icon.png Yes
Tree House Igloo Icon.png
Tree House Igloo 4500 Coin Icon.png No
Cozy Cottage 2700 Coin Icon.png
Cave Igloo Icon.png
Cave Igloo 1500 Coin Icon.png
Theatre Igloo Icon.png
Theatre Igloo 4600 Coin Icon.png
Snowy Backyard Igloo Icon.png
Snowy Backyard Igloo 3500 Coin Icon.png
Snowglobe Icon.png
Snowglobe 3700 Coin Icon.png
Candy Split Level Igloo Icon.png
Candy Split Level Igloo 4600 Coin Icon.png
Split Level Igloo Icon.png
Split Level Igloo
Deluxe Blue Igloo Icon.png
Deluxe Blue Igloo 4000 Coin Icon.png
Basic Igloo Icon.png
Basic Igloo 1500 Coin Icon.png
Big Candy Igloo Icon.png
Deluxe Candy Igloo 4000 Coin Icon.png
Candy Igloo Icon.png
Candy Igloo 1500 Coin Icon.png
Deluxe Snow Igloo Icon.png
Deluxe Snow Igloo 3000 Coin Icon.png
Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo Icon.png
Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo 5000 Coin Icon.png Yes
Snow Igloo Icon.png
Snow Igloo 1000 Coin Icon.png No


  • It was available for the least amount of time.


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