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The Inventory is a part of your Player Card. It is used to store and access clothes, pins, flags, awards, backgrounds, and colors you have bought or got for free. You can wear a clothing item, a pin, a flag, set up a background or view an award by clicking it. To remove one, you simply need to click on the item that you want to remove on your player card.


You can browse through different categories to find a specific item faster. The inventory is divided into 8 different categories, with the 9th category including all items. The "Other Items" category consists of 3 sub-categories. The categories are:


The order in which every item in a category is put is based on the ID. The items with the smallest IDs go up the list and items with the biggest IDs go down the list. The order in the All Items category sorts their types first and then puts them in the order based on their ID.

Other Inventories

Basic inventory of a puffle

Puffle Inventories

Puffles have their own player cards which also come with a new inventory. The inventory consists only out of four items: a pack of Puffle Bubble gum, a cookie, a pack of Puffle-O's and a bath in which to wash your puffles in.

The four other inventory slots are for extra food you could buy from the Pet Store, but currently, there are no food items for sale.

The puffle inventory can only be viewed inside your Igloo, by clicking on your puffle while not walking it.


Main article: Igloo Editor

All the furniture bought from the Better Igloos catalog will be transferred to Igloo's Items inventory that can only be accessed by the Igloo's owner. You can open the inventory by clicking on the measuring tape in your Igloo to start editing it and then clicking the cardboard box to view your items. The items can be filtered by their type (wall, room, floor and puffle furniture) or be displayed together.


  • The inventory can hold unlimited items.
  • Some awards inside the inventory can be interacted with by clicking on them.
  • If you have unlocked an item by using a code, the item will appear in your inventory with a little symbol depicting an open lock.
  • There was going to brand new interface for the mobile version of the game, but it was scrapped.[1]



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