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The Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest was a party on Club Penguin Rewritten. It started on July 27, 2018. Construction for it started on July 12, 2018. It was confirmed in Issue 62 of the Club Penguin Times. The start date was confirmed in Issue 63 of the Club Penguin Times.

The party was originally planned to be more simple, but when Rockhopper came with his quest to build a new Shipwreck Beacon on Shipwreck Island, everyone was eager to help him out. Along with the quest, a strong theme was in play on the island, which was Pirates vs Captains. They clashed all throughout the island, including the boat battle Ships room.

A week into the party, more Treasure Hunt boxes were added at the Cove and Ski Village, as well as an updated version of the Adventure Catalog.


Two weeks prior to the party, the old Shipwreck Beacon at Shipwreck Island was destroyed in a lightning storm after being decayed for so long, and it was no longer deemed safe to pass that area. Rockhopper noticed this, and sent a letter via bottle to Gary, requesting for him to upgrade and enhance his ship to be stronger and faster when he arrived back on the island.

A week later when he arrived, Rockhopper arrived with many rare plants on the Migrator for the party. He announced he would be needing a crew soon for a special quest. The following week after that, construction begun on the island, and the Migrator went under upgrades. By the time it was finished, the whole island had turned into a tropical paradise, and the quest begun.

Rockhopper instructed penguins to collect new parts for the new Shipwreck Beacon from the Swashbuckler Trading Post and Dinosaur Island. Whilst there, penguins could also purchase items from the catalogs. When both of the items were obtained, he then instructed penguins to set up the new Shipwreck Beacon on Shipwreck Island, and explore the surrounding area for any treasure. From there, penguins could find an old Viking area known as the Viking Hall.


Free Items


Icon Item Location
New Gary Giveaway Icon.png
New Gary Giveaway Gary's Player Card


Icon Item Location
Marooned Outfit.png
Marooned Outfit Treetops
RH Adventure Giveaway.png
Rockhopper's Island Adventure Giveaway Rockhopper's Player Card
Shipwreck Beacon Pin.png
Shipwreck Beacon Pin Shipwreck Island
Viking Lord Helmet.png
Viking Lord Helmet Viking Hall
Viking Lord Armor.png
Viking Lord Armor


See pages: Adventure Catalog, Trading Post Catalog, Dinosaur Island Catalog


The following stamps were also available to collect during this party:


Image Name Location
Gary stamp.png
Gary Meeting Gary


Image Name Location
Rockhopper Stamp.png
Rockhopper Meeting Rockhopper


  • Joee had stated that it would be the biggest party that Club Penguin Rewritten has ever had.
  • The New Gary Giveaway was available while Gary was visiting for the party's construction.
  • Treasure Hunt became playable during this party.
  • During the party, there was a bug where if you clicked the Treasure Hunt instructions, it would come up with the instructions for the Christmas version.
  • When Rockhopper arrived on the island, the Shipwreck Beacon disappeared from the Beacon Telescope, which was a hint towards the quest.
  • It was the second party to have a custom logo, the first being the Christmas Party 2017.
  • It was the first Adventure Party on Club Penguin Rewritten.
  • The party was a combination of the Island Adventure Party and Rockhopper's Quest from Club Penguin, which occurred in 2010 and 2012 respectively.
  • It was the first party since Operation: Blackout to have a video themed around the party.


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Construction (July 12, 2018 - July 19, 2018)

Construction (July 19, 2018 - July 26, 2018)


The Migrator


Tour Guide Descriptions

Room Description
Town Arrrr!
This be the place for adventure!
It be the Town
Do a jig at the Dance Club...
or grab a bandana at the Clothes Shop!
Dock Avast it be the Dock!
Grab a seat and look for treasure...
and sing a sea shanty!
Watch out for duelin' pirates!
Beach Arrr welcome to the Beach
It be the restin' place o' the Migrator
Ye can search for treasure...
or salvage parts fer yer own ship!
Plaza This be the Plaza...
built by marooned sailors
They be doin' fine here...
they even be havin' a Pizza Parlor!
Forest It be the Forest!
Thar be lots of things here.
Some say thar be treasure...
that be an interesting one.
Cove Avast it be the lost Cove!
It be a place of mystery and red puffles!
Rumored to hold treasure...
and the best surfin'



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