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Lime Green Dojo Clean was a Paint By Letters book published by Snowball Press. This book was written in rhyme, and it was the longest in the Paint by Letters series. The base score was 160 coins, but if you found all hidden coins, you would get 800 coins.


Your penguin is cleaning the Dojo when a group of Lime Green penguins come in. They have a lime green party all over the Dojo you just cleaned! You try to keep them under control, but the Dojo ends up covered in paint and they even bring in an inflatable octopus! While you pout, one of the penguins then explains that the point of a party is to have fun and enjoy it. You have fun with the group, and at the end, they help you clean up the mess they made.

Bonus Coin Locations

  • Page 1 - You could throw the mop into the air and it would fall on the other side of the window. You could drag it around above your penguins head and a coin would appear.
  • Page 2 - You could drag the container of paint, and you would find the coin behind it.
  • Page 3 - The player had to click and hold the topmost blob of paint. Rubbing it across the screen until it dissolved would leave a coin in its place.
  • Page 4 - The player would have to push the penguin into the wall. If they hit the wall hard enough, it would flip and the penguin would go on the ceiling. The player would theh move the penguin over the paint on the left and a coin would fall down.
  • Page 5 - The player would have to push the penguin(s) out of the way and the walls and door of the Dojo would light up in a certain order. The player would then repeat the order and the door would open, revealing a coin.
  • Page 6 - The player would drag the paint can away and there would be a coin behind it. If the player picked 'shout' at the end of this page, they would end up with a box of capes on Page 8. If the player picked 'pout', they would end up with an inflatable octopus.
  • Page 7 - Click the penguin's lightbulb and it will turn off. Drag it through the mazes and a coin would appear where the lightbulb originally was.
  • Page 8 - Depending on what the player chose on page 6, they would get either Octi or a penguin showing them a box of capes.
    • Box of capes: Take all the capes out of the box and drag the socks onto the penguin's hands. A coin would appear on the right.
    • Octi: Drag the nozzle until it pops off.