Party/Event Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Notes Mascots
New Year's Day 2019 None December 27, 2018 January 3 None 2018's last event and 2019's first event. None
Dance-A-Thon Logo.png
January 3 January 12 Purple Boom Box, Cadence's Autograph A Night Club event with new rooms and a new addition to Dance Contest. Cadence
Winter Fiesta 2019
Winter Fiesta 2019 Logo.png
January 18 January 24 Maracas, Mini Sombrero, DJ Maxx's Fiesta Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten's second Winter Fiesta. DJ Maxx
Fashion Show
Fashion Show Logo.png
January 24 January 31 None An event set in the Gift Shop, own that runway! None
2nd Anniversary Party None February 8 February 13 2nd Anniversary Party Hat, 2nd Anniversary Cake Pin, Aunt Arctic Giveaway, Ice Cream Apron Party celebrating 2 years of Club Penguin Rewritten. Aunt Arctic
Underwater Expedition
Underwater Expedition logo.png
February 20 February 28 Cleaned Up Dock BG, Deep Sea Diving Suit, Heavy Hat, Rookie Anvil BG An Underwater exploration party caused by Rookie placing too many anvils on one side of the island. Rookie
St. Patrick's Parade
St. Patrick's Parade.png
March 15 March 21 Accordion, Green Two Tone Scarf, Shamrock Hat Club Penguin Rewritten's second St. Patrick's Day Party, now including parade floats. None
April Fools' Party 2019
April Fools' Party logo.png
March 29 April 4 Blue Propeller Cap, Funny-Face Glasses, Box Hat, Box Costume, King Jester Hat, Rookie's Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten's second April Fools' Day Party. Rookie
Earth Day Party 2019 None April 18 April 26 Safari Helmet Club Penguin Rewritten's third Earth Day Party. None
Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt 2019
Easter Egg Hunt Icon.png
Blue Bunny Ears A hunt for Easter eggs.
Puffle Party 2019
Puffle Party 2019 Logo.png
April 26 May 5 Puffle Hat, Striped Puffle Jacket, First Prize Puffle Background, PH's Puffle Party Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten's third Puffle Party and the first appearance of the Grey Puffles. Puffle Handler
Music Jam 2019
Music Jam.png
May 23 June 6 Boombox, Music Jam Cap, Music Swirl Tee, Cadence's Neon Giveaway, Penguin Band Stage Giveaway, DJ Maxx's Stage Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten's third Music Jam. Cadence, DJ Maxx, Penguin Band
Western Party None June 6 June 13 Bandana Club Penguin Rewritten's fifth Mystery Event. None
Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit
Island Adventure Party Festival of Fruit.png
June 20 July 4 Green Safari Hat, Red Kahuna Background, Apple Headband, Yellow Kahuna Background, Pineapple Headband, Watermelon Headband, Migrator Mascot Head, Migrator Mascot Body, Cream Soda Barrel, Cream Soda Background, Crew Cap, Grape Bunch Costume, Pineapple Costume, Rockhopper's Tropical Background Club Penguin Rewritten's second Adventure Party. Rockhopper
2019 Club Penguin Earthquake None July 24 August 4 None A natural disaster during the construction of the Medieval Party 2019. None
Medieval Party 2019
Medieval Party 2019 Logo.png
August 4 August 15 Enchanted Wizard Hat, Enchanted Helmet, Enchanted Armour, Lost Castle Background, Claw of The Dragon Queen Pin, Gold Shield, Golden Knight's Helmet, Golden Knight's Armor, White Noble Horse, Dragon's Gold, Toothbrush Pin, White Knight Helmet, Gold Staff and Shield, White Knight Armor, Gary Background, Rory's Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten's third Medieval Party. Gary, Rory
Summer Luau 2019
Summer Luau 2019 Logo - Club Penguin Rewritten.png
August 29 September 5 Ice Cream Apron, Inflatable Duck, Seashell Belt, Yellow Snorkel Club Penguin Rewritten's second Summer Luau. None
Stadium Games None August 29 November 20 Miners Helmet An event celebrating sport events at the Stadium and Club Penguin Rewritten's sixth Mystery Event.
The Fair 2019
The Fair.png
September 19 October 3 Step Right Up Background, Luxury Cowboy Hat, Snow Cone Pin, Rockhopper's Fair Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten's third Fair. Rockhopper
Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Party
14th Anniversary.png
October 22 October 26 CP 14th Anniversary Hat, Iceberg Tipper, Aunt Arctic Giveaway, Cadence's Neon Giveaway, Jet Pack Guy's Giveaway, Sensei's Elemental Giveaway Party celebrating 14 years of Club Penguin. Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Jet Pack Guy, Sensei
Halloween Party 2019
October 24 November 7 Bat Wing Headband, Gary's Mad Scientist Giveaway, Ghost Costume, Green Fuzzy Experiment, Halloween 3D Glasses, Halloween Cape, Haunted Pumpkin Basket, Herbert's Giveaway Background, Neon Skeleton Hoodie, Pink Dragon Feet, Purple Halloween Scarf, Storm Lantern, Swamp Monster Club Penguin Rewritten's third Halloween Party. Gary, Herbert P. Bear
Halloween Candy Hunt 2019
Halloween Candy Hunt 2019 Icon.png
October 31 Part of the Halloween Party 2019.
The Sledpocalypse None
Winter Party 2019
November 20 December 5 Snowflake T-Shirt, Rory's Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten's second Winter Party. Rory
Coins for Change 2019
Coins for change logo 2019.png
December 19 January 2, 2020 2019 CFC Pin, Reindeer Antlers, Santa's Present Bag, Santa Seat Background, The Bad Hair Day, Mint Condition Coat, Aunt Arctic's Holiday Giveaway, Rockhopper's Holiday Giveaway, Deluxe Gingerbread House, Cookie Serving Apron, Fluffy Stuffie Club Penguin Rewritten's third Coins for Change. Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper
Holiday Party 2019
Holiday Party 2019 Logo.png
Club Penguin Rewritten's third Holiday Party. It is also the first Holiday Party to have a storyline.
New Year's Day 2020 None December 31 DJ Maxx's Stage Giveaway 2019's last event and 2020's first event. DJ Maxx (performance, non-meetable)

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