Party/Event Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Notes Mascots
4th Anniversary Party
4th Anniversary Party Banner.png
February 12 February 15 4th Anniversary Party Hat, Aunt Arctic's Happy Anniversary Giveaway, Iceberg Tipper Party celebrating 4 years of Club Penguin Rewritten and the first Club Penguin Rewritten event to use HTML5. Aunt Arctic
Submarine Party
Submarine Party Logo.png
February 18 March 7 Life Vest, Rockhopper's Wreck Giveaway, Seashell Belt, Yellow Snorkel Party based on the depths of the ocean. Rockhopper
Save the Migrator Project
Save The Migrator Project Booth.png
April 4 Miners Helmet, Rockhopper's Wreck Giveaway An event to help restore The Migrator after it was wrecked by an iceberg.
Noir Party
Noir Party Login Screen.png
March 23 Dot's City Giveaway, Jet Pack Guy's Rooftop Giveaway, Mug Shot, Slice of Candy Pizza Party based on old classic mystery movies. Dot, Jet Pack Guy
Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt 2021
Easter Egg Hunt 2021 Icon.png
April 4 April 10 Aunt Arctic's Yellow Bunny Giveaway, Easter Egg Hunt Igloo, Easter Egg Hunt Location Club Penguin Rewritten's fourth Egg Scavenger Hunt Aunt Arctic
Mountain Expedition 2021
Club Penguin Rewritten's second Mountain Expedition. Gary
Prehistoric Party May Club Penguin Rewritten's first Prehistoric Party.

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