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Party/Event Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Notes Mascots
New Year's Day 2022
December 31, 2021 January 6 DJ Maxx's Stage Giveaway 2021's last event and 2022's first event. DJ Maxx (performance, non-meetable)
Pirate Party
Pirate Party Logo.png
January 22 February 2 Blue Balloon Sword, Captain's Coat, Classy Vampire Outfit, Commander Coat, Golden Pirate Hat, Jailor's Keys, Jeweled Cutlass, Rogue's Rapier, Sailor Hat, Shellbeard's Giveaway, Stinky Cheese Sword, The Continental, The Nocturnal, Wooden Sword Party based on pirates. Shellbeard
5th Anniversary Party
February 9 February 21 1st Anniversary Background, 2nd Anniversary Background, 3rd Anniversary Background, 4th Anniversary Background, 5th Anniversary Background, 5th Anniversary Party Hat, Accordion, Aunt Arctic Awards Giveaway, Bandana, Beta Grid Sweater, Blue Hard Rock Guitar, Cadence Background, Canvas Cloud Shoes, Enchanted Dragon Costume, Funny-Face Glasses, Gary Ancient Giveaway, Heavy Hat, Klutzy Disguise, Penguin Band Awards Giveaway, Pink Iceberg Tipper, Rookie's Giveaway, The Squid Lid Party celebrating 5 years of Club Penguin Rewritten. Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Gary, Penguin Band (performance, non-meetable), Rookie
Puffle Party 2022
Puffle Party 2022 Logo.png
February 21 March 6 Ball Of Yarn, Blue Border Collie Headband, Green O'berry Hoodie, Lavender Bunny Ears, Orange Puffle Slippers, Orange Tabby Headband, PH Giveaway, Polka Dot Puffle Hat, Puffle Bandana, Puffle Hat, Purple O'berry Hoodie, Red O'berry Hoodie, Red Puffle Slippers, Squeaky Ball, White Rabbit Hat, Wind-up Mouse, Yellow Puffle Balloon Club Penguin Rewritten's fifth Puffle Party. PH
St. Patrick's Day Party 2022
St. Patrick's Day Party 2022 Banner.png
March 13 March 21
Club Penguin Rewritten's fourth St. Patrick's Day Party.
Card-Jitsu Party
Card-Jitsu Party Logo.png
March 21 April 4 Sensei's Cherry Blossom Giveaway Party centering around the game Card-Jitsu and Club Penguin Rewritten's final party. Sensei
Spanish Servers Celebration Event
April 8 April 13 Spanish Hat Event celebrating the launch of Spanish servers in Club Penguin Rewritten and the game's final event.

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Cancelled Parties

More parties were announced to occur during the year. However, due to the closure of Club Penguin Rewritten on April 13, 2022, they never occurred.

Party/Event Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Notes Mascots
Hollywood Party
Hollywood Party Logo.png
Rory's Giveaway Party based on Hollywood and cinema. Dot, Rory, TBA[1]
Medieval Party 2022[2]
Club Penguin Rewritten's fifth Medieval Party.
Western Party 2022[4]
Club Penguin Rewritten's second Western Party.
Operation: Swarm
Operation Swarm Logo.png
Club Penguin Rewritten's third major EPF operation. Originally scheduled to take place in November 2020. Herbert P. Bear, Klutzy


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