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Rooms were locations in Club Penguin Rewritten that players could walk into and interact with other players. Most rooms were accessed through the map, EPF Phone, Spy Phone, and I.S.E.E.U. They could also be walked to through other rooms. There could only be a maximum of 100 penguins in a room.

List of Rooms

Main Rooms

Image Room
Boiler Room.png
Boiler Room
Book Room.png
Book Room
Cave Mine.png
Cave Mine
Coffee Shop.png
Coffee Shop
Dock 2020.png
Dojo 2022.png
Dojo Courtyard 2019.png
Dojo Courtyard
Everyday Phoning Facility.png
Everyday Phoning Facility
Gift Shop 2021.png
Gift Shop
Hidden Lake.png
Hidden Lake
Ice Rink.png
Ice Rink
Lodge Attic.png
Lodge Attic
Mine Shack 2.png
Mine Shack
Night Club.png
Night Club
Pet Shop February 2021.png
Pet Shop
Pizza Parlor July 2018.png
Pizza Parlor
Recycling Plant.png
Recycling Plant
Ski Hill.png
Ski Hill
Ski Lodge.png
Ski Lodge
Ski Village.png
Ski Village
Snow Forts 2020 Stadium.png
Snow Forts
Stage Secrets of the Bamboo Forest.png
Town Stadium.png
Underground Pool 2021.png
Underground Pool
Welcome Room.png
Welcome Room

Hidden Rooms

Rooms that did not appear directly on the map, or were accessed by special means.

Image Room How to access
Box Dimension.png
Box Dimension Can be accessed from the Portal Box
Dojo Pathway.png
Dojo Pathway Can be accessed through the right door in the Hidden Dojo Room
EPF Command Room May 2021.png
EPF Command Room Can only be accessed by EPF agents from a secret entrance in the Everyday Phoning Facility
Fire Dojo.png
Fire Dojo Can be accessed from an entrance in the Ninja Hideout, only accessible with an Amulet
Hidden Dojo Room.png
Hidden Dojo Room Accessible by following the pink leaves in the Dojo, Wise Puffle Pin required
HQ Can be accessed by PSA agents from a secret entrance in the Everyday Phoning Facility
Iceberg Can be accessed by clicking on a special spot on the map, or by using the EPF Phone/Spy Phone
Ninja Hideout 2018.png
Ninja Hideout Can be accessed from an entrance in the Dojo Courtyard, only accessible to Ninjas
Recon Room.png
Recon Accessible from an entrance in the EPF Command Room
Serene Springs.png
Serene Springs Accessible by following the path in the Dojo Pathway
Underwater Can be accessed from a secret entrance in Puffle Rescue

Migrator Rooms

Rooms that appeared on Rockhopper's ship, The Migrator, and were only accessible when Rockhopper is visiting.

Image Room
Captain's Quarters 2022.png
Captain's Quarters
Crow's Nest.png
Crow's Nest
Pirate Ship 2017.png
Pirate Ship
Ship Hold 2017.png
Ship Hold

Party Rooms

Main article: Party Rooms

PSA Mission Rooms

Rooms that only appear in PSA Missions.

Image Room
Aunt Arctic's Igloo
Mission 11 maze.png
Corn Maze
Gadget Room.png
Gadget Room
Gary's Room.png
Gary's Room
Gift Shop Office.png
Gift Shop Office
Gift Shop Rooftop
Mission 3 Gift Shop Vault.png
Gift Shop Vault
Herberts Camp.png
Herbert's Camp
Mission 4 maze A.png
Mountain Maze
Sport Shop Mission.png
Sport Shop
Mission 1 Tallest Mountain peak.png
Tallest Mountain
Underground Tunnels
Wilderness Puffle Bush.png
The Wilderness
Outback pond.png
Outback Pond

Removed Rooms

Rooms that were once a part of the game that have been since removed before the game shutdown.

Image Room
VR Room.png
VR Room
Welcome Solo.png
Welcome Solo

Unreleased Rooms

Rooms that were never released and were scrapped.

Image Room
Baseball Stadium.png
Baseball Stadium
Water Dojo.png
Water Dojo

Room IDs

ID Room
100 Town
110 Coffee Shop
111 Book Room
112 Welcome Solo
120 Night Club
121 Arcade
122 Recycling Plant
130 Gift Shop
200 Ski Village
210 Sport Shop
211 The Facility
212 Everyday Phoning Facility
213 VR Room (formerly)
214 Welcome
220 Ski Lodge
221 Lodge Attic
230 Ski Hill
300 Plaza
310 Pet Shop
320 Dojo
321 Dojo Courtyard
322 Ninja Hideout
323 EPF Command Room
324 Dojo Courtyard Solo
326 Snow Dojo
330 Pizza Parlor
340 Stage
400 Beach
410 Lighthouse
411 Beacon
420 Pirate Ship
421 Ship Hold
422 Captain's Quarters
423 Crow's Nest
430 Puffle Hotel Lobby
431 Puffle Hotel Spa
432 Puffle Hotel Roof
433 Cloud Forest
800 Dock
801 Snow Forts
802 Ice Rink
Stadium (formerly)
803 HQ
804 Boiler Room
805 Iceberg
806 Underground Pool
807 Mine Shack
808 Mine
809 Forest
810 Cove
811 Box Dimension
812 Fire Dojo
813 Cave Mine
814 Hidden Lake
815 Underwater
816 Water Dojo
817 Hidden Dojo Room
818 Dojo Pathway
819 Serene Springs
820 Partysolo
821 Culdesac
822 Hospital
823 Mall
824 Pool
825 School (formerly)
851 Party1 (formerly)
Welcome Room
852 Party2
853 Party3
854 Party4
855 Party5
856 Party6
857 Party7
858 Party8
859 Party9
860 Party10
861 Party11
862 Party12
863 Party13
864 Party14
865 Party15
866 Party16
867 Party17
868 Party18
869 Party19
870 Party20
871 Party21
872 Party22
873 Party23
874 Party24
875 Party25
876 Party26
877 Party27
878 Party28
890 ???
899 Party
900 Astro Barrier
901 Bean Counters
902 Puffle Roundup
903 Hydro-Hopper
904 Ice Fishing
905 Cart Surfer
906 Jet Pack Adventure
907 PSA Missions
909 Thin Ice
910 Pizzatron 3000
912 Catchin' Waves
916 Aqua Grabber
941 Puffle Soaker
942 Balloon Pop
944 Feed-A-Puffle
945 Memory Card Game
946 Puffle Paddle
947 Puffle Shuffle
949 Puffle Rescue
950 System Defender
952 Dance Contest
962 Partygame
999 Sled Racing

Interactive Map

BeachDockWelcome RoomTownSnow FortsPlazaForestCoveStadiumSki VillageSki HillDojo CourtyardMine ShackIcebergIglooMap.png