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The Living Sled Penguins are two unnamed penguins who appear in the Night of the Living Sled series. Not much is known about the two penguins.

Night Of The Living Sled Series

Night of the Living Sled

After the Living Sled is created it chases the penguins separately.

Night of the Living Sled 2

The two penguins hide out in an Igloo only to be found by the Sled. In a panic the two block the window with Furniture such as a HD TV and chairs. Thinking they are safe one penguin asks if the other blocked the door but he/she hadn't letting the Sled in. The two run out through the igloo walls with the Sled Chasing them.

Night of the Living Sled 3

The two penguins run up the Ski Hill to try and escape the Sled. One thinks they see the Sled but the other dismisses it as the Sled Racing Game Upgrades catalog but it turns out the Sled chasing them was beside it. The two escape by sledding town the Ski Hill only to be followed. One penguin spots a rock and they avoid it but the Sled hits it a flies up into the air. The two crash into a pile of snow an think they are finally safe only for the Sled to also be in the snow and the film ends.


  • The penguins' colors were previously unknown due to the Night of the Living Sled films being in black and white, but in issue #127 of the Club Penguin Times, figurines of them are shown to be Aqua and Pink.