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The Mountain was a party room in Club Penguin Rewritten which was accessible during the Mountain Expedition 2017 and the Penguin Games. It could be accessed from the Base Camp. Located close to the peak of the Toughest Mountain, the area is a harsh environment.

It also holds a secret entrance to the Ice Cave, hidden behind an icy boulder.


In order to cross the room, the player had to do the following actions.

  1. Hover over the axe on the left. A snow pile will fall from the top and cover it.
  2. Click the branch, in order to position it next to the covered axe.
  3. Click the branch four times, in order to sweep the snow off. Then click the uncovered axe.
  4. Click the axe 9 times. It will then fall on an ice platform.
  5. Throw snowballs at the icicles on the top, until they fall on the other end of the ice platform. This creates a seesaw effect, which has the tree thrown up in the air. It lands and creates a new bridge to cross the chasm.


  • At the end of Music Jam 2017, there was a glitch where certain rooms were not updated yet and this room could be accessed by entering the backstage via The Docks, and exiting the Casa Fiesta door, thus leading you here.


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