My Puffle is a Paint By Letters book written by the Snowball Press. It is found in the Book Room's Book Shelf.

The goal of the game is to create your own story about walking with your puffle by picking what events will take place from a list of options.


The main flow of the story is about going out for a walk with your puffle and having the best day at a given location on the island.

Story Text

My puffle is <(color, depends on puffle walked, blue if default)> and likes to go for long walks. It likes to go to the (Dock-Beach-Forest-Cove) to look for penguins wearing <penguin color> just like me. One day when we were walking, my pet found two <penguin color> penguins with (boots-shoes-ties) on their (heads!-flippers!) My <puffle color> puffle and I started (giggling-smiling-crying) because it was so silly. Then we both put (boots-shoes-ties) on our (heads-flippers) and spent the rest of the day at the (Dock-Beach-Forest-Cove) (giggling-smiling-crying) and having fun! It was the best day at the (Dock-Beach-Forest-Cove) ever! The End.

Hidden Coin Locations

The minimum amount of coins you can get is 50. However, there were also some hidden coins which gave you a bonus 20 coins each. The maximum amount of coins you could get was 250 coins.

  • Page 1: When the puffle leaves, hold the door handle and push it back.
  • Page 2
    • Beach: Pull the big green pail on the left to the top of the page and then quickly click on the coin.
    • Dock: Click on the top of the pump that the penguin is using.
    • Forest: Lift up the fire fighter's hat.
    • Cove: Lift up the girl penguin's hair.
  • Page 3
    • Beach: When the Lighthouse appears, pull it to the top of the screen then quickly.
    • Dock: Before you type the text, lift the motorboat up out of the screen; then let go.
    • Forest: Before you type the text, lift up the large rock behind the snowbank on the right of the tree in the center.
    • Cove: Lift up the stairs on the top left of the page.
  • Page 4: Any choice: Click your mouse on the sky and drag down.
  • Page 5: This coin appears in the same location as the coin on page 4, but it moves around.


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