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Operation: Blackout was the second major EPF mission to take place in Club Penguin Rewritten. It lasted from November 15, 2017 to December 6, 2017. It marked the first in-game appearance of Dot the Disguise Gal and Herbert P. Bear; and Jet Pack Guy's second in-game appearance as a mascot.

Prior to the operation, Gary was kidnapped at the end of the Halloween Party 2017 on the server Ascent[1] and was forced to build the Solar Laser by Herbert, which led to Operation: Blackout. Because of this, Herbert was able to take over the whole island, freeze the EPF command and become the supreme leader. Agents had to infiltrate his fortress and destroy it in order to stop the Blackout.


Spoiler alert: Plot and/or ending details follow.


At the end of the Halloween Party 2017, Gary was captured during his last visit by Herbert. Club Penguin Times Issue #35 confirmed that Gary was missing, and missing posters went up across the island. As Gary's disappearance remained a mystery, Herbert forced Gary to build the Solar Laser, threatening to freeze him if he refused to do so. Once the Laser was complete however, Gary was frozen by Herbert anyways, and Operation: Blackout came into bloom.

The Beginning

Using the Solar Laser, Herbert planned to take over the island and become its supreme leader by blocking the sun. He also planned to change Club Penguin Rewritten's name to Club Herbert Rewritten.

He attacked and damaged the EPF and PSA's main bases of operations; which includes the Everyday Phoning Facility, the EPF Command Room, and the HQ, forcing agents to seek refuge underground in the Secret Headquarters. The VR Room was also destroyed in the attack.

Herbert then planned to get revenge on the EPF by kidnapping and freezing the EPF Chain of Command, including The Director, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and Dot the Disguise Gal for putting him into hibernation during Operation: Hibernation in February 2017.

Chapter 1

On November 15, Operation: Blackout officially started and The Director gave orders through a spy tablet. Agents were ordered to infiltrate Herbert's Base. They were given a Klutzy Disguise or Herbert Disguise to slip past the security and disable the first Security Terminal.

Chapter 2

On November 17, agents were given a Grappling Hook to open the door that led to the second Security Terminal, and disabled it.

Chapter 3

On November 18, agents received the Plasma Laser, which they used to open the way to the third Security Terminal, and disabled it.

Chapter 4

On November 20, agents received the Deflection Vest to reflect off the laser beams to enter the next sector, where they had to disable the fourth Security Terminal.

Chapter 5

On November 22, agents received the Smoke Goggles to see through the smoke and get to the fifth Security Terminal and disabled it.

Chapter 6

On November 24, agents received the last item, which were the Anti Lava Boots, to walk over the lava in the Lock Down. Once agents disabled the final Security Terminal, the Solar Laser self-destructed and Gary, The Director, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and Dot were unfrozen.

Finale and Aftermath

Penguins celebrated the end of Operation: Blackout as the sun finally emerged once more. Herbert yelled in dismay after discovering the Solar Laser was destroyed and the blackout stopped. The Director finally revealed her identity to be Aunt Arctic. Both the EPF and PSA were left in damaged states after the party. The Director stated that "although the road ahead is long, the EPF shall rise again".

After Operation: Blackout ended, the snow that accumulated during the party had to be dug out, which prompted the start of Dig Out the Island. Even after Dig Out the Island ended, the remaining snow still left over was used as part of the decorations for the Christmas Party 2017.

Spoilers end here.


Free Items

Icon Item Location
Dot's Giveaway Icon old.png
Dot Blackout Giveaway Dot's Player Card
Herbert's Giveaway Background Icon.png
Herbert's Giveaway Background Herbert P. Bear's Player Card
Herbert Security Clearance 6 Pin icon.png
Herbert Security Clearance Pin By Completing Security Terminals
Jet Pack Guy's Blackout Giveaway Icon.png
Jet Pack Guy's Blackout Giveaway Jet Pack Guy's Player Card


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The following stamps were also available to collect during this party:

Image Name Location
Dot Stamp old.png
Dot Meeting Dot
Herbert Stamp.png
Herbert P Bear Meeting Herbert P. Bear
Jet Pack Guy Stamp.png
Jet Pack Guy Meeting Jet Pack Guy


  • This party was teased throughout October 2017 and the Halloween Party 2017, in both the Penguin Style Nov'17 and in rooms during the party.
  • During Gary's final visit to the Halloween Party 2017, Herbert kidnapped him on server Ascent.
  • It was the second EPF operation in Club Penguin Rewritten, after Operation: Hibernation during the Mountain Expedition 2017.
  • This was the longest party on Club Penguin Rewritten, lasting a full 3 weeks.
  • During the party, Herbert hijacked the official Club Penguin Rewritten Twitter and the blog.
  • The Club Penguin Times was changed to the "Club Herbert Times" at the beginning of the party.
  • During phase 1 and the first day of phase 2, the puffles at the Dock had their modern design, but were changed to have their classic design a few hours after phase 2 began.[2]
  • There were six different phases of entering Herbert's Base.
  • There was a glitch originating from original Club Penguin which allowed you to enter Herbert's Base early.
    • The Staff were notified of this and made it so you could still get in but could not move around the room.
    • It has been said that penguins seen performing this glitch may be kicked/banned by moderators.
  • During the party, the entrance to the PSA HQ was closed off; most likely because of the damage on the pillar where the entrance was.
    • It was, however, still accessible through the PSA Spy Phone's teleportation feature. The room, like the rest of the Everyday Phoning Facility, was on fire. It was impossible to leave through the normal exit.
  • This party caused the Dig Out the Island event, which was due to the amount of snow Herbert had caused to build upon the island. The event began the day following the end of Operation: Blackout.
  • The VR Room was destroyed by Herbert, and is now inaccessible.
  • During the party, Herbert changed Penguin Style to Herbert Style.
  • If there had been no space between this event and the Halloween Party 2017, the island would have been in consecutive darkness for almost two months.


Sneak Peeks

Homepages/Login Screens

Missing Gary Posters/Herbert Sightings


All Phases

Phase 1: November 15, 2017 - November 18, 2017

Phase 2: November 18, 2017 - November 22, 2017

Phase 3: November 22, 2017 - November 24, 2017 (After completing the last terminal at Herbert HQ)

Phase 4: November 24, 2017 (After completing the last terminal at Herbert HQ) - December 6, 2017



Tour Guide Descriptions

Room Description
(Town Place)
Welcome to Herbert Tours.
Herbert has written everything I say because he's so smart and awesome.
This is the Town Place.
It has a statue of Herbert now.
Pretty cool if you ask me.
Coffee Shop
(Coffee Store)
Welcome to the Coffee Store.
Herbert says penguins drink too much coffee
so from now on
only carrot juice will be served.
Feel free to play all games to play here.
But do not have fun.
Fun is outlawed.
Book Room
Up here is the Newsroom.
Herbert says the newspaper is awesome now that he is writing it himself.
Please send him any questions you have
because Herbert is really smart and strong... sigh.
Night Club
(Noisy Club)
Here we have the Noisy Club
Herbert says this place plays music too loud
so loud music is now forbidden here.
Please feel free to dance and mix music
but do it quietly!
Dance Lounge
(Video Game Room)
This is the Video Game Room?
Herbert says that arcades are silly.
And waste precious time that should be spent on concocting evil plans.
But if you're gonna to play anyway,
Herbert recommends setting a time limit
About 35 seconds should do.
Gift Shop
(Shop of Gifts)
Welcome to the Shop of Gifts.
Herbert recently improved the catalog by posing with some of the items.
100% of the profits go to the Herbert Fund.
Plaza This is the Plaza.
Here you'll find the best pizzeria on the island
a wonderful Stage production
starring Herbert, and a stinky place full of puffles.
Herbert recommends avoiding the Pet Shop
because puffles are really annoying.
Pet Shop This is the Pet Shop.
Herbert thinks that puffles are really annoying
so he doesn't visit here very often
He plans on outlawing puffles soon and replacing them with pet rocks
Won't that be fun?
Stage Shh! Be quiet!
This is the Stage
which is currently showing a play about Herbert.
Please find a seat and watch in awe.
Flash photography is encouraged.
Pizza Parlor
Here we have the Pizzeria!
Herbert recommends the seaweed vegetarian pizza.
In fact when Herbert gets the chance
he'll be outlawing all other kinds of pizzas.
So enjoy the Fish Dish pizza while you can.
Ski Village
(Snow Town)
Here we have the Snow Town.
Pay no attention to the building on fire.
That's just the former base of the Elite Penguin Force.
It was disguised as an Everyday Phoning Facility.
Wait! That spells EPF too! I just got that!
Ski Hill
(Herbert Mountain)
Here we have the top of Herbert Mountain.
Herbert recently renamed it as his own honor.
It used to be called the Ski Hill
even though no one ever skis here
Herbert Mountain is a way cooler name.
Ski Lodge
(Herbert's Cabin)
Welcome to Herbert's Cabin
Herbert originally wanted to cut it down
to provided much needed campfires for everyone
but ever since he took over the island
he's decided to keep as it is.
Isn't Herbert a nice guy?
Lodge Attic
(Storage Room)
Welcome to the Storage Room.
Herbert finds this place a little creepy.
Like, what's up with that rocking horse?
It's WAY too big. It doesn't make sense. Creepy.
Everyday Phoning Facility
(The Entrance to EPF)
This WAS the entrance to EPF, but Herbert showed THEM who's boss!
Feel free to warm yourself by the fire
which Herbert has graciously provided.
EPF Command Room
(The HQ for the Elite Penguin Failures)
Voila! This is the HQ for the Elite Penguin Failures!
They tried to stop Herbert many times
but Herbert was WAY too smart and strong and talented
and cool and strong, and now they're gone.
(Herbert Beach)
Here we have Herbert Beach.
Though without the sun, it will be hard to get tan.
(Lighthouse Hospital)
This is the Lighthouse Hospital.
We're pretty sure Herbert doesn't know that place exists
Anyone who is sick or injured can come here
or if you need a safe place to get warm.
Will this blackout never end?
(Giant Lightbulb)
Up there is the Giant Lightbulb.
It's actually getting more use these days
now that Herbert stole all the sunlight.
It must stay on, to make sure no boats crash here.
Soon it, might be the only light left on the island.
(Dock Encampment)
Welcome to the Dock encampment.
A care center has been set up for puffles that are lost
cold, or sick from the Blackout.
Please help out if you have a moment.
Herbert avoids this place
he doesn't like puffles!
Snow Forts
(Snowball Fight Room)
Here we have the Snowball Fight Room.
Herbert would like to remind everyone
that it is illegal to throw snowballs at him.
Anyone who does may be frozen.
(Herbert Stadium)
This is Herbert Stadium.
Herbert has plans to tear it down
and build a giant amusement park for crabs only.
No penguins allowed.
(Herbert Forest)
This is Herbert Forest.
Did you know that Herbert planted ALL these trees?
It's true!And each one has a special name.
That one is named Barky
and that one is Barky 2.
Isn't Herbert a great guy?
(Swimming Hole)
This is the Swimming Hole.
Herbert says that swimming is bad for you
like when you get water in your ears
Isn't that super duper annoying?
So swimming is outlawed.
Mine Shack
(Tool Shed)
Here we have the Tool Shed.
Herbert plans to turn it into a spa for polar bears.
So if you're a polar bear...
Umm... Good for you?
Welcome to the MINE...
it's now called the MINE because when Herbert saw it
he said "THIS IS MINE".
So please stay out.
Underground Pool This next bit of info is written by Klutzy...
click click clickty click!
Ka-click click click
clickety clickey click!
Boiler Room This is one of the best rooms on the island
so welcome to the Boiler Room!
This place is pretty quiet and warm
which are Herbert's two favorite things!
Cave Mine
(Dark Cave)
This is the Dark Cave.
The light generator was designed by Herbert
who donated it but never got credit
But that's okay.
Herbert is chill about it
especially now that he's Illustrious Leader Supreme.
Yay Herbert.
Hidden Lake
(Herbert Cave)
This is Herbert Cave.
Enjoy it while you can.
Herbert plans to turn it into a seaweed storage room.
Sorry mermaids!
Dojo Courtyard
(Ninja Restaurant)
Behold the Ninja Restaurant.
Herbert doesn't like to eat here
because he heard that they serve fish
and he's a strict vegetarian.
Hopefully it will close down soon.
(Ninja Palace)
Welcome to Ninja Palace.
Herbert doesn't know much about ninjas
because he's pretty sure they don't exist.
So this place must be imaginary.
You have a great imagination!
(Klutzy Reef)
Welcome to Klutzy Reef.
When Herbert took over the island
he gave this room to Klutzy
Which was really nice of Herbert
because Herbert is really nice.
Iceberg This is the Iceberg.
Herbert thinks icebergs are unreliable and prone to tipping over
so please watch your step.
Box Dimension
(Barf Room)
The first time Herbert saw this place
he got dizzy and barfed
So this is now known as the Barf Room
and Herbert will no longer be visiting here.



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