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PSA Secret Missions were point and click-like games that Secret Agents could do to earn medals, gifts, as well as experience in helping other penguins. They can be accessed in the HQ. There were eleven secret missions.

It was closed on April 13, 2022 due to Club Penguin Rewritten shutting down.

How to Access the Missions

Newer Method

  1. Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility.
  2. Enter the lift to go to the EPF Command Room.
  3. Click on the black "PLAY MISSIONS" icon in the bottom right corner to begin playing.

Original Method

This method no longer works.
  1. You will need to become a Secret Agent for the PSA first before you can access the missions. See the "Become a Secret Agent" section of this page.
  2. Once you are an agent, go to the HQ by accessing your Spy Phone in the bottom right-hand corner of your player profile. On the Spy Phone, press the "Visit HQ" button and you will be teleported to the HQ.
  1. Click on the green panel labeled "Top Secret" in the bottom right-hand corner once you are in the HQ.
  2. Simply select your mission and you are ready to play the mission.

List of Missions

Mission Number Mission Name Mission Description Normal Reward Secret Reward Image
1 Case of the Missing Puffles Aunt Arctic... famous reporter for the Club Penguin Times... has lost two of her pet Puffles.

It is your assignment to find and rescue them.

Mission 1 Medal Letter from Aunt Arctic
Missing puff.png
2 G's Secret Mission Secret Agent G has your mission in the Sport Shop.

You will be asked to prove you are an agent before he assigns you the mission.

Mission 2 Medal Letter from G
G's secret .png
3 Case of the Missing Coins The coins have gone missing from the vault in the Gift Shop.

Report to the Gift Shop to investigate. Another agent will meet you there.

Mission 3 Medal Card from Dancing Penguin
Missing coins.png
4 Avalanche Rescue There has been an avalanche at the Mountain, and your help is needed.

Report to the HQ and G will give you further details.

Mission 4 Medal Handy Penguin Award
5 Secret of the Fur Help solve the mystery of the fur found in previous missions.

Meet G in the Gadget Room to get started.

Mission 5 Medal Box of Pizza
6 Questions for a Crab Your efforts in discovering the secret of the fur have not gone unnoticed. The PSA is looking for more answers and G needs your help! He's ready to question the crab. Mission 6 Medal Magnet Blueprints
Question crab.png
7 Clockwork Repairs The clock has broken down which is causing problems all over the island. G has requested your help in fixing the clock.

Meet him in the HQ room to get started.

Mission 7 Medal Blue Pennant
8 Mysterious Tremors Earthquakes have been reported all over the island.

Meet G in the Gadget Room to help track down the source of the tremors.

Mission 8 Medal Cool Gift
9 Operation: Spy & Seek Your help is requested in tracking down suspect at large: Herbert P. Bear, and uncovering his next plot.

G will meet you in the Gadget Room for further details.

Mission 9 Medal Box of Chocolates
Spy and seek.png
10 Waddle Squad You have been requested to join a special team of agents for an important secret mission.

G and the other agents will meet you in the HQ.

Mission 10 Medal Employee of the Month Trophy
11 The Veggie Villain There has been a disturbance at the Gift Shop, and several items have been reported missing. Herbert is the primary suspect.

Report to G in the HQ.

Mission 11 Medal Gift From Dot


  • There was a glitch where you weren't given the appropriate pins for each mission in your stamp book, whether or not you have the items in your inventory. This glitch has since been fixed.
  • Before November 15, 2017, you could play every mission through the VR Room which acted as an alternative to the HQ. However, as the VR Room was destroyed on the date mentioned, you can only access the missions from the HQ.
  • Due to self-isolation and events in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic pandemic in early 2020, the amount of newcomers increased. As a result, the age limit for PSA Missions was removed to keep them happy during the pandemic.[1]
  • On May 6, 2021, PSA Missions were made available in the new HTML5 engine.[2]