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The Penguin Band was a very popular musical band of mascots in Club Penguin Rewritten. The Penguin Band is Club Penguin Rewritten's only popular and official band. It is made up of four penguins: Franky, G Billy, Petey K, and Stompin' Bob. All of them wear a cowboy hat.

Like other mascots, the band members can be seen during certain parties on random servers waddling around and talking to penguins. It should be noted that the Penguin Band are not always together when on the island, as they can be met individually.

Band Members

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Franky plays the keyboards, acoustic guitar, and banjo. He is the author of the book Franky's First Show, which you can find in the Book Room. He is the newest member of the Penguin Band, as he worked in the Pet Shop prior to joining the Penguin Band. He was invited to play for the band as revealed in the book.

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G Billy plays the drums with his drumsticks, piano and, occasionally, the flute. He is the strong and silent type, founding member and the grounding force of the band. He says if he wasn't a musician, he'd still be working as a chef in the Pizza Parlor.

Main article: Petey K

Petey K plays the electric guitar, accordion, and piano. He is known to be very relaxed, occasionally cracking the odd joke (which is often directed at his bandmates). He is a thrill-seeker and is usually seen wearing round glasses. It is also revealed that he loves coffee and pizza.

Main article: Stompin' Bob

Stompin' Bob is the band's electric bass player. He is a self-taught musician who is known to practice constantly. As such, he has more of a serious personality towards their music than his bandmates, an example of this would be that he has often said he would be writing poems if he was not a musician.


  • Franky formerly had stage fright and was afraid to perform in front of an audience, as told in his book Franky's First Show.
  • All the current members of the Penguin Band used to work for shops around the island, such as the Pizza Parlor and the Pet Shop, and they claim they would have still worked there if they had not become musicians.
  • There was a scavenger hunt where penguins had to find The Band's instruments. Once players found the instruments, their penguin was rewarded with a Band Background featuring The Band and their autographs.
  • On June 3, 2017, a poll was held on Club Penguin Rewritten's Twitter account that asked if the Penguin Band should have their new style or old style.[1] The old style won.
    • However, beginning with their appearances during the Music Jam 2021, they changed back to their new style.
  • Despite having their newer looks prior to the Music Jam 2017, they still gave out the same background.


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