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The Penguin Play Awards Catalog was a catalog that was available during the Penguin Play Awards 2020. It could be found in the Town and in the Plaza.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Red Top Hat.png
Red Top Hat 350 Coin Icon.png No
Orange Top Hat.png
Orange Top Hat
Yellow Top Hat.png
Yellow Top Hat
Mint Top Hat.png
Mint Top Hat
Blue Top Hat.png
Blue Top Hat
Dark Blue Top Hat.png
Dark Blue Top Hat
Purple Top Hat.png
Purple Top Hat
Pink Top Hat.png
Pink Top Hat
The Majesty.png
The Majesty 400 Coin Icon.png Yes

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
White Bowtie.png
White Bowtie 50 Coin Icon.png Yes

Body Items

Icon Item Cost
Red Tuxedo.png
Red Tuxedo 800 Coin Icon.png
Orange Tuxedo.png
Orange Tuxedo
Yellow Tuxedo.png
Yellow Tuxedo
Mint Tuxedo.png
Mint Tuxedo
Blue Tuxedo.png
Blue Tuxedo
Dark Blue Tuxedo.png
Dark Blue Tuxedo
Purple Tuxedo.png
Purple Tuxedo
Pink Tuxedo.png
Pink Tuxedo
Red Dazzle Dress.png
Red Dazzle Dress 600 Coin Icon.png
Orange Dazzle Dress.png
Orange Dazzle Dress
Yellow Dazzle Dress.png
Yellow Dazzle Dress
Mint Dazzle Dress.png
Mint Dazzle Dress
Light Blue Dazzle Dress.png
Light Blue Dazzle Dress
Blue Dazzle Dress.png
Blue Dazzle Dress
Purple Dazzle Dress.png
Purple Dazzle Dress
Pink Dazzle Dress.png
Pink Dazzle Dress

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
White Dress Shoes.png
White Dress Shoes 420 Coin Icon.png Yes
Red Stardust Slippers.png
Red Stardust Slippers 200 Coin Icon.png No
Orange Stardust Slippers.png
Orange Stardust Slippers
Yellow Stardust Slippers.png
Yellow Stardust Slippers
Mint Stardust Slippers.png
Mint Stardust Slippers
Light Blue Stardust Slippers.png
Light Blue Stardust Slippers
Blue Stardust Slippers.png
Blue Stardust Slippers
Purple Stardust Slippers.png
Purple Stardust Slippers
Pink Stardust Slippers.png
Pink Stardust Slippers


  • The Top Hat's and Tuxedo's designs were inspired by recolors created by community member Hershie, who was offered a trial position as a designer for Club Penguin Rewritten.[1][2]