Penguin Style Apr'21 is an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on April 11, 2021.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
The Curly Lochs.png
The Curly Lochs Free Yes
The Firestriker.png
The Firestriker 550 Coin Icon.png No
The Flutterby.png
The Flutterby 300 Coin Icon.png
The Summer Jam.png
The Summer Jam 250 Coin Icon.png Yes
Red Paisley Bandana.png
Red Paisley Bandana No
The Sidetied Too.png
The Sidetied Too 500 Coin Icon.png
The Messiness.png
The Messiness
The Flouncy.png
The Flouncy 600 Coin Icon.png Yes
The Disco.png
The Disco No
Outback Hat.png
Outback Hat 175 Coin Icon.png
The Archaeologist.png
The Archaeologist 250 Coin Icon.png
Junior Explorer Hat.png
Junior Explorer Hat 100 Coin Icon.png
The Wave Washed.png
The Wave Washed 250 Coin Icon.png
The Curl King.png
The Curl King
The Easy Breezy.png
The Easy Breezy 500 Coin Icon.png
Straw Sun Hat.png
Straw Sun Hat 100 Coin Icon.png

Face Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Gold Sunglasses.png
Gold Sunglasses 150 Coin Icon.png No
Black Sunglasses.png
Black Sunglasses 200 Coin Icon.png

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Blue Boa.png
Blue Boa 100 Coin Icon.png Yes
Star Necklace.png
Star Necklace 280 Coin Icon.png No
Compass 124 Coin Icon.png
Explorer's Bag.png
Explorer's Bag 200 Coin Icon.png

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Orange Hoodie.png
Orange Hoodie 400 Coin Icon.png No
Yellow Sundress.png
Yellow Sun Dress 500 Coin Icon.png
Jean Jacket.png
Jean Jacket 450 Coin Icon.png
Colored Hearts Hoodie.png
Colored Hearts Hoodie 300 Coin Icon.png Yes
Red Shirt.png
Red Shirt 150 Coin Icon.png
Blue Shirt.png
Blue Shirt
Pink Striped Rugby Shirt.png
Pink Striped Rugby Shirt 400 Coin Icon.png No
Glacier Suit.png
Glacier Suit 600 Coin Icon.png
Pastel Suede Jacket.png
Pastel Suede Jacket 700 Coin Icon.png Yes
White Shirt.png
White Shirt 150 Coin Icon.png
Striped Rugby Shirt.png
Striped Rugby Shirt 400 Coin Icon.png No
Orange Shirt.png
Orange Shirt 150 Coin Icon.png Yes
Tropical Hawaiian Shirt.png
Tropical Hawaiian Shirt 350 Coin Icon.png
Outback Traveler Outfit.png
Outback Traveler Outfit 300 Coin Icon.png No
Pink Shirt.png
Pink Shirt 150 Coin Icon.png Yes
Junior Explorer Outfit.png
Junior Explorer Outfit 300 Coin Icon.png No
Blue Hoodie.png
Blue Hoodie Yes
Cool Hawaiian Shirt.png
Cool Hawaiian Shirt 250 Coin Icon.png
Black Hoodie.png
Black Hoodie 300 Coin Icon.png No
Purple Hoodie.png
Purple Hoodie
Pink Hoodie.png
Pink Hoodie
Green Hoodie.png
Green Hoodie
Lemon Button Blouse.png
Lemon Button Blouse
Beach Outfit.png
Beach Outfit
Ice Cream Vendor.png
Ice Cream Vendor 150 Coin Icon.png
Red Polka Dot Dress ID 14268.png
Red Polka Dot Dress 350 Coin Icon.png

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Kite 75 Coin Icon.png No
Orange Balloon.png
Orange Balloon 50 Coin Icon.png
Happy Octopus Plushie.png
Happy Octopus Plushie 130 Coin Icon.png Yes
Grumpy Octopus Plushie.png
Grumpy Octopus Plushie
Binoculars 200 Coin Icon.png No

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Blue Sneakers.png
Blue Sneakers 250 Coin Icon.png No
Pink Rollerskates.png
Pink Rollerskates 260 Coin Icon.png
Ballet Shoes 180 Coin Icon.png Yes
Blue Rollerskates.png
Blue Rollerskates 260 Coin Icon.png No
Black Hiking Boots.png
Black Hiking Boots 250 Coin Icon.png
Blue Cuckoo Ka-Shoes.png
Blue Cuckoo Ka-Shoes 200 Coin Icon.png
Purple Cuckoo Ka-Shoes.png
Purple Cuckoo Ka-Shoes
Green Cuckoo Ka Shoes.png
Green Cuckoo Ka Shoes
Rainbow Sandals.png
Rainbow Sandals
Sunshine Sandals.png
Sunshine Sandals


Icon Item Cost
Apples Background icon.png
Apples Background 60 Coin Icon.png
Football Background Icon.png
Football Background
Hydro Hopper Background Icon.png
Hydro Hopper Background
Coral Reef Background Icon.png
Coral Reef Background Free
Jigsaw Background Icon.png
Jigsaw Background 60 Coin Icon.png
Top Of The Mountain Background Icon.png
Top Of The Mountain Background Free
Mountaintop Background Icon.png
Mountaintop Background 60 Coin Icon.png
Snow Forts Background Icon.png
Snow Forts Background
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