Penguin Style Dec'19 is an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on December 5, 2019 and expired on January 2, 2020.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Red Riding Hood.png
Red Riding Hood 350 Coin Icon.png No
The Nutcracker.png
The Nutcracker 450 Coin Icon.png Yes
Icy Reindeer Head.png
Icy Reindeer Head No
Chullo Hat.png
Chullo 200 Coin Icon.png Yes
Dark Blue Beanie.png
Dark Blue Beanie No
Red Elf Hat.png
Red Elf Hat 150 Coin Icon.png Yes
The Claus.png
The Claus 300 Coin Icon.png No
The Claus-ette.png
The Claus-ette 450 Coin Icon.png
Top Hat.png
Top Hat 350 Coin Icon.png Yes
Bonnet 300 Coin Icon.png
The Evergreen.png
The Evergreen 250 Coin Icon.png No
The Chestnut.png
The Chestnut 400 Coin Icon.png
Snowman Head.png
Snowman Head 550 Coin Icon.png
Tweed Hat.png
Tweed Hat 350 Coin Icon.png Yes

Face Items

Icon Item Cost
White Fuzzy Beard.png
White Fuzzy Beard 150 Coin Icon.png

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost
Supreme Santa Sack.png
Supreme Santa Sack 500 Coin Icon.png

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Striking Red Jacket.png
Striking Red Jacket 400 Coin Icon.png No
Gingerbread Costume.png
Gingerbread Costume Yes
Nutcracker Costume.png
Nutcracker Costume 550 Coin Icon.png
Icy Reindeer Costume.png
Icy Reindeer Costume No
Warm Red Jacket.png
Warm Red Jacket 400 Coin Icon.png
Victorian Jacket.png
Victorian Jacket 650 Coin Icon.png Yes
Santa Suit.png
Santa Suit 550 Coin Icon.png No
Victorian Dress.png
Victorian Dress 600 Coin Icon.png Yes
Claus-ette Outfit.png
Claus-ette Outfit 500 Coin Icon.png No
The Peppermint Suit.png
The Peppermint Suit 350 Coin Icon.png
Holly Elf Dress.png
Holly Elf Dress 475 Coin Icon.png
Tree Costume.png
Tree Costume 600 Coin Icon.png
Cozy Winter Coat.png
Cozy Winter Coat
Tweed Coat.png
Tweed Coat 650 Coin Icon.png Yes
Snowman Costume.png
Snowman Body 450 Coin Icon.png No
Silly Snowman Sweater.png
Silly Snowman Sweater 300 Coin Icon.png Yes
Baker's Apron.png
Baker's Apron 100 Coin Icon.png No
Red Elf Suit.png
Red Elf Suit 1500 Coin Icon.png

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost
Candy Cane Cane.png
Candy Cane Cane 200 Coin Icon.png
Candy Cane Wing-warmers.png
Candy Cane Wing-warmers 100 Coin Icon.png

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Red Elf Shoes.png
Red Elf Shoes 170 Coin Icon.png Yes
Elf Shoes.png
Elf Shoes No
Brown Shoes.png
Brown Shoes 400 Coin Icon.png Yes


Icon Item Cost
Skating at Dusk Background Icon.png
Skating at Dusk Background 60 Coin Icon.png
Holiday Fireplace Background icon.png
Holiday Fireplace Background
All Wrapped Up Background Icon.png
All Wrapped Up Background
Gift Wrap Background Icon.png
Gift Wrap Background
Snowflakes Background Icon.png
Snowflakes Background
Christmas Background icon.png
Christmas Background
Christmas Trees Background Icon.png
Christmas Trees Background
Snowman Background Icon.png
Snowman Background



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