Penguin Style Jun'19 was an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on June 6, 2019 and expired on July 4, 2019.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Outback Hat.png
Outback Hat 175 Coin Icon.png No
Swashbuckler's Hat.png
Swashbuckler's Hat 430 Coin Icon.png Yes
The Adventurer.png
The Adventurer 400 Coin Icon.png No
First Mate's Hat.png
First Mate's Hat 425 Coin Icon.png
The Shipshape.png
The Shipshape 200 Coin Icon.png
Tan Cowboy Hat.png
Tan Cowboy Hat 250 Coin Icon.png Yes
The Bonny Curls.png
The Bonny Curls 400 Coin Icon.png No
The Buccaneer.png
The Buccaneer 200 Coin Icon.png
Commander's Hat.png
Commander's Hat 375 Coin Icon.png Yes
The Razzmatazz.png
The Razzmatazz 400 Coin Icon.png No
Black Cowboy Hat.png
Black Cowboy Hat 250 Coin Icon.png Yes
The Aquamarine.png
The Aquamarine 400 Coin Icon.png No
The Blue Lagoon 550 Coin Icon.png
Pink Cowgirl Hat.png
Pink Cowgirl Hat 250 Coin Icon.png Yes

Face Items

Icon Item Cost
Adventure Face Paint.png
Adventure Face Paint 50 Coin Icon.png

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost
Compass 125 Coin Icon.png

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Castaway's Clothing.png
Castaway's Clothing 325 Coin Icon.png No
Swashbuckler's Coat.png
Swashbuckler's Coat 450 Coin Icon.png Yes
First Mate's Outfit.png
First Mate's Outfit 400 Coin Icon.png No
Shipshape Suit.png
Shipshape Suit 300 Coin Icon.png
Cowboy Vest.png
Cowboy Vest 420 Coin Icon.png Yes
Seafarer's Gown.png
Seafarer's Gown 450 Coin Icon.png No
Commander's Outfit.png
Commander's Outfit 430 Coin Icon.png Yes
Raggedy Rags.png
Raggedy Rags 250 Coin Icon.png No
Coral Mermaid Costume.png
Coral Mermaid Costume 425 Coin Icon.png
Black Cowboy Shirt.png
Black Cowboy Shirt 350 Coin Icon.png Yes
Tropical Mermaid Costume.png
Tropical Mermaid Costume 425 Coin Icon.png No
Mermaid Costume.png
Mermaid Costume 500 Coin Icon.png
Pink Cowgirl Shirt.png
Pink Cowgirl Shirt 300 Coin Icon.png Yes
Black Admiral Jacket.png
Black Admiral Jacket 1300 Coin Icon.png No

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Binoculars 400 Coin Icon.png No
Foraged Bracelet.png
Foraged Bracelet 200 Coin Icon.png
Telescope 100 Coin Icon.png Yes
Treasure Maps.png
Treasure Maps 100 Coin Icon.png No
Lasso 150 Coin Icon.png Yes
Mop and Bucket.png
Mop and Bucket 250 Coin Icon.png No

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Green Hiking Boots.png
Green Hiking Boots 325 Coin Icon.png No
Nautical Boots.png
Nautical Boots
Commander's Boots.png
Commander's Boots 275 Coin Icon.png Yes
Cowboy Boots.png
Cowboy Boots 300 Coin Icon.png Yes
Black Cowboy Boots.png
Black Cowboy Boots


Icon Item Cost
Tropical Palm Background Icon.png
Tropical Palm Background 60 Coin Icon.png
Sunset BG Icon.png
Sunset Background
Tug Boat Background Icon.png
Tug Boat Background
Tiki Coffee Shop Background Icon.png
Tiki Coffee Shop Background
Bamboo Background Icon.png
Bamboo Background
Adventure Camp Background Icon.png
Adventure Camp Background
Saloon Background Icon.png
Saloon Background
Stagecoach Background Icon.png
Stagecoach Background


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