Penguin Style Mar'17 was an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on February 26, 2017 and expired on March 29, 2017.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Red Ball Cap.png
Red Ball Cap 200 Coin Icon.png No
Blue Ball Cap.png
Blue Ball Cap
Green Ball Cap.png
Green Ball Cap
Pink Ball Cap.png
Pink Ball Cap
Chef Hat.png
Chef Hat 50 Coin Icon.png
The Spikester.png
The Spikester 500 Coin Icon.png Yes
The Sidetied.png
The Sidetied
Patty's Hat.png
Patty's Hat 100 Coin Icon.png
The Sunstriker.png
The Sunstriker 500 Coin Icon.png

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Green Bowtie.png
Green Bowtie 60 Coin Icon.png Yes
Black Tie.png
Black Tie 150 Coin Icon.png
Striped Tie.png Striped Tie
Magicians Cape.png
Magicians Cape 550 Coin Icon.png No

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Red Letterman Jacket.png
Red Letterman Jacket 350 Coin Icon.png No
Blue Letterman Jacket.png
Blue Letterman Jacket
Green Letterman Jacket.png
Green Letterman Jacket
Pink Letterman Jacket.png
Pink Letterman Jacket
Black Suit.png
Black Suit 650 Coin Icon.png
Star T-Shirt.png
Star T-Shirt 200 Coin Icon.png Yes
Shamrock Dress.png
Shamrock Dress 450 Coin Icon.png
Leprechaun Tuxedo.png
Leprechaun Tuxedo 560 Coin Icon.png No
Pop Music Shirt.png
Pop Music Shirt 200 Coin Icon.png Yes
Pizza Apron.png
Pizza Apron 100 Coin Icon.png No

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Gold Wristwatch.png
Gold Wristwatch 175 Coin Icon.png No
Pot O'Gold.png
Pot O'Gold 200 Coin Icon.png
Cane 170 Coin Icon.png
Black Electric Guitar.png
Black Electric Guitar 975 Coin Icon.png Yes
Pink Electric Guitar 600 Coin Icon.png

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Pink Sneakers.png
Pink Sneakers 250 Coin Icon.png Yes
Blue Sneakers.png
Blue Sneakers 330 Coin Icon.png


Icon Item Cost
Leprechaun Background clothing icon ID 9017.png
Leprechaun Background 60 Coin Icon.png
Launch Pad Background Icon.png
Launch Pad Background
Pizza Splat Background Icon.png
Pizza Splat Background
Emotes background clothing icon ID 985.png
Emotes Background


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