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The Pirate Party Interface was an interface that was available during the Pirate Party. Players could unlock new items by dueling pirate crabs and unlock new swords by dueling other players. For dueling players, the winner of the duel would receive 20 points, while the loser only received 10 points.


Treasure Chests

Chest Item Icon Location Date Unlocked
1 Ski Village
Jailor's Keys.png
Jailor's Keys January 22, 2022
Golden Pirate Hat.png
Golden Pirate Hat
2 Beach
Sailor Hat.png
Sailor Hat January 24, 2022
Captain's Coat.png
Captain's Coat
3 Dock
Classy Vampire Outfit.png
Classy Vampire Outfit January 25, 2022
The Nocturnal.png
The Nocturnal
4 Cove
Commander Coat.png
Commander Coat January 26, 2022
The Continental.png
The Continental


Icon Item How to obtain
Wooden Sword.png
Wooden Sword Opening the interface
Stinky Cheese Sword.png
Stinky Cheese Sword Earn 50 points
Blue Balloon Sword.png
Blue Balloon Sword Earn 100 points
Rogue's Rapier.png
Rogue's Rapier Earn 150 points
Jeweled Cutlass.png
Jeweled Cutlass Earn 200 points