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Pizzatron 3000 is a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten that can be accessed in the Pizza Parlor. The machine itself was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy, and it was designed for chefs to create many pizzas quickly. It is a multi-purpose machine that can be used to make both seafood pizzas and candy pizzas.


A chef operating the Pizzatron 3000, as seen in the Club Penguin Times.

The goal of the game is to complete 40 orders displayed on the white screen on the right, by dragging the sauce and toppings over or onto the pizzas that match with the order. The different toppings that can be chosen from are seaweed, shrimp, squid and fish, while the sauces that can be chosen is pizza sauce and hot sauce.

As more orders are made, the speed of the conveyor belt will increase. Making a mistake will decrease the speed of the conveyor belt. Placing the wrong topping onto a pizza will result in a mistake, which requires the order to be remade. However spreading the wrong sauce onto a pizza won't result in a mistake.

Each correct pizza gives five coins. The amount increases by five when five pizzas in a row are made correctly. The game ends when five mistakes are made or when there's no more orders to make.

Candy Mode

The hidden Candy mode can be played by clicking on the red lever on the left side of the game's main menu. By doing this, you can earn a stamp. Candy mode replaces the toppings with licorice, marshmallows, chocolate chips and jellybeans, as well as the sauces with chocolate sauce and strawberry icing.

Each correct pizza gives an extra five coins, however, the speed of the game is faster than the regular mode. This mode also randomizes the pattern of pizza orders, not going in a progressing order like Normal Mode.



Image Name Description
Food Fiasco.png Food Fiasco Make a mess of the kitchen with 3 wrong pizzas
Just Dessert Stamp.png Just Dessert Play Pizzatron in Candy Mode


Image Name Description
Chef's Hat Stamp.png Chef's Hat Make 20 pizzas without any mistakes
Spice Sea Stamp.png Spice Sea Make 3 hot sauce and shrimp pizzas to order
Cocoa Beans Stamp.png Cocoa Beans Make 3 jellybean and chocolate pizzas to order


Image Name Description
Fiery Squids stamp.png Fiery Squids Make 3 hot sauce and squid pizzas to order
Candy Land stamp.png Candy Land Make 3 pink sauce and marshmallow pizzas to order
Pizza Chef stamp.png Pizza Chef Make 30 pizzas without any mistakes


Image Name Description
Pizza Master.png Pizza Master Make 40 pizzas without any mistakes
Dessert chef.png Dessert Chef Make 40 candy pizzas without any mistakes


  • In normal mode, the first two pizzas to make are always cheese pizzas.
  • In candy mode, the first pizza to make is always a chocolate sprinkle pizza.
  • When trying to find a buddy who was playing Pizzatron 3000, it would show as "name is making pizzas".
  • Pizzatron 3000 used to be more difficult due to the fact that Club Penguin Rewritten runs at a higher frame rate than Club Penguin. This also affected System Defender. All stamps were still possible to obtain, although extremely difficult. The frame rate was lowered on January 10, 2020.
  • You can go into full-screen buy right clicking on the game and clicking "Full screen".



Normal Mode

Candy Mode