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Puffles! (formerly known as Pet Furniture Love your Pet) was a catalog located in the Pet Shop and the Puffle Care Interface. It contained food and toys (formerly furniture that could interact with your puffles) that helped take care of your puffle's health, energy and rest.


Icon Item Cost
10 Puffle-O's 50 Coin Icon.png
10 Apples
10 Carrots
10 Wedges of Cheese 40 Coin Icon.png
10 Cayenne Peppers
10 Pieces of Broccoli 50 Coin Icon.png
10 Dragon Fruits
10 Slices of Pizza 40 Coin Icon.png
10 Pickles
10 Slices of Cake
10 Shrimps
10 Biscuit Treats
Red Puffle's Cannon 200 Coin Icon.png
Blue Puffle's Bouncy Ball
Green Puffle's Propeller Cap
Purple Puffle's Disco Ball
Yellow Puffle's Director's Chair & Camera
White Puffle's Skate
Black Puffle's Hot Sauce
Pink Puffle's Trampoline
Brown Puffle's Rocket
Orange Puffle's Wagon





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