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The Rare Mullet (also known as the Grey Mullet) is a species of Fish in Club Penguin Rewritten. The Rare Mullet can be caught in the game Ice Fishing after the July 2017 revamp of the game.


  • There is a one percent chance that the Rare Mullet will appear in-game instead of the Mullet.
  • If you catch the Rare Mullet, you earn the Rare Mullet Stamp - one of three insanity Stamps to be obtainable currently.
  • The grey mullet is one of the only fish in Club Penguin Rewritten to have eyelids (besides the mullet).
  • You don't need to catch it to get the Rare Mullet Stamp, since you will get the stamp when it appears.
  • It has unused sprites for the animation of it being caught found in the game's .swf file. The game instead uses the regular Mullet's sprites for when the rare mullet is caught.
  • The Rare Mullet is exclusive to Club Penguin Rewritten.
  • If the Rare Mullet were to be coming from the distance, it would show as the Mullet