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The Record Scavenger Hunt is a scavenger hunt that took place during the Music Jam 2018. The hunt included 7 discs of different colors that were hidden around the island, and finding all of them would reward the player with the Black MP3000. You'd also unlock the ability to dance to "The Party Starts Now" in Dance Contest.

A small music disc on the upper-right corner of the screen opened a progress window that provided clues about the discs' location.

Record locations

No. Record Location Clue
Record Hunt Green Record.png
In between the last two couch cushions in the Back Stage To this room the Penguin Band flee, but it might hurt if you sit on me
Record Hunt Light Blue Record.png
Behind the cowboy hat in the Forest Hay and popcorn everywhere, look for something a cowboy would wear
Record Hunt Purple Record.png
Behind the net and buoy in the Beach In the room with sea and sound, make sure it's not buried in the ground
Record Hunt Orange Record.png
Inside the 'o' of the Rock Rink sign in the Snow Forts By rock is where the disk sits, watching to see if the bar will hit
Record Hunt Red Record.png
Inside the middle record case in the Pizza Parlor On display for all the see, in the classiest place to be
Record Hunt Pink Record.png
Behind the left shade of the pizza in the Plaza Rockin' in shades that I bare, to find me you will need to stare
Record Hunt Blue Record.png
Behind the right side of the light bulb of the Beacon Close to a giant party light, almost open in plain sight


Icon Item Location
Black MP3000.png Black MP3000 Completing the scavenger hunt





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