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The Recycletron 3000 is an automated machine designed to turn recyclable items into useful items. It was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy and is located at the Recycling Plant.

On the left component of the machine, recyclable items are input. These are then carried one by one by conveyor belt to where it gets processed and transformed into useful items in the middle component of the machine. These items are then carried by conveyor to the right, where a mechanical claw will transport it ready for use.


  • All the different things that can be recycled in the machine were also items that could be found as part of the Recycle Hunt, featured in the Earth Day Party 2017.
  • During the Medieval Party 2017 and Medieval Party 2018, it was designed like a large smelter. Instead of the normal objects it recycles, it instead recycled objects like shields, crowns, and chalices.
  • The recycled parts turn into five different items: an anvil, a life tube, a lamp, Modern Art and a buoy.
  • The Go Green Stamp can be obtained by throwing 10 recycling-item snowballs into the Recycletron 3000.


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