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The Rockhopper's Daily Treasure was an interface that allowed players to collect daily rewards through watching an advertisement. It was announced and released on May 27, 2021.[1]

Funding obtained through the advertisements were dedicated to funding Club Penguin Rewritten's Hypertext Markup Language 5 (HTML5) client development.


For a player to claim rewards from the interface, they would have to watch an advertisement. The advertisement would not play if the player had an ad blocker running; they would have to disable/pause it to watch the advertisement. The reward obtained after watching the advertisement varied from player to player.

The rewards from each chest were exclusive to the chest of that week only. After a player reached 8 days of consecutive login, they would reach Week 2 and the chest for Week 2 would be unlocked; however, they would be unable to claim any rewards from the Week 1 chest. This worked the same way 15 days of consecutive login (Week 3), in which the 2 previous weeks' chests would be locked. However, upon reaching 22 days of consecutive login (Week 4), players could now claim rewards from all of the chests. Once a player managed to claim the prizes from a chest, the chest could no longer be opened. However, the player could still build up their streak.

If a player did not login for a day, their consecutive login would reset to 0 and players would only be able to unlock from the Week 1 chest. On July 21, 2021, an update was added in which once players have collected all items from a chest, they would then begin to receive coins instead.


Players would only receive one of the items from a chest below daily.

Obtainable in Week 1 chest only (1-7 or 22+ days of consecutive logins)
Icon Item Date Added
Money Bag.png 150 Coins July 21, 2021
2 Cool Glasses.png 2 Cool Glasses July 25, 2021
Alpine Hat.png Alpine Hat July 18, 2021
Anchors Aweigh Background Icon.png Anchors Aweigh Background May 27, 2021
Angry Eyepatch.png Angry Eyepatch July 25, 2021
Ball and Chain.png Ball and Chain June 26, 2021
BFF Bracelet.png BFF Bracelet June 20, 2021
Brown Bunny Slippers.png Brown Bunny Slippers November 17, 2021
Brown Fairy Background Icon.png Brown Fairy Background
Bubble Ray Gun.png Bubble Ray Gun May 27, 2021
Brief Case.png Brief Case June 20, 2021
Daisy Chain.png Daisy Chain May 27, 2021
Daisy Glasses.png Daisy Glasses July 25, 2021
Deserted Beachwear.png Deserted Beachwear May 27, 2021
Deserted Island Slingshot.png Deserted Island Slingshot
Indigo Sunglasses.png Indigo Sunglasses July 25, 2021
Jagged Purple Necklace.png Jagged Purple Necklace May 27, 2021
Lab Goggles.png Lab Goggles
Maroon.png Maroon
On The Hook.png On The Hook
Paintbrush.png Paintbrush
Pickaxe.png Pickaxe
Pirate Flag.png Pirate Flag June 20, 2021
Platinum Note Necklace.png Platinum Note Necklace May 27, 2021
Planet Lantern.png Planet Lantern February 2, 2022
Puffle Watch.png Puffle Watch May 27, 2021
Referee Uniform.png Referee Uniform July 18, 2021
The Fan Fro.png The Fan Fro
Water Lotus Fan.png Water Lotus Fan June 20, 2021
Wheel Necklace.png Wheel Necklace June 26, 2021
Wonky Cane.png Wonky Cane February 2, 2022
Wooden Canoe.png Wooden Canoe June 26, 2021
Wooden Party Hat.png Wooden Party Hat

Obtainable in Week 2 chest only (8-14 or 22+ days of consecutive logins)
Icon Item Date Added
Money Bag.png 200 Coins July 21, 2021
Artist Mustache.png Artist Mustache July 18, 2021
Blizzard.png Blizzard June 3, 2021
Bowler Hat.png Bowler Hat July 18, 2021
Bush Disguise.png Bush Disguise June 3, 2021
Cyborg Hat.png Cyborg Hat February 2, 2022
Dark Green Fairy Background Icon.png Dark Green Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Fire Hydrant Costume.png Fire Hydrant Costume June 26, 2021
For Science!.png For Science! June 3, 2021
Green Fairy Background Icon.png Green Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Hipster Glasses.png Hipster Glasses July 25, 2021
Iced Donut.png Iced Donut June 26, 2021
Icy Hoodie.png Icy Hoodie June 3, 2021
Inspired Artist.png Inspired Artist
Indie Rocker Glasses.png Indie Rocker Glasses July 25, 2021
Jelly Donut Plush.png Jelly Donut Plush June 20, 2021
Light Green Fairy Background Icon.png Light Green Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Mad Science Background icon.png Mad Science Background July 21, 2021
Personal Flurry.png Personal Flurry June 3, 2021
Real Teal Sunglasses.png Real Teal Sunglasses July 25, 2021
Rescue Ring.png Rescue Ring June 20, 2021
Salami Sun Hat.png Salami Sun Hat February 2, 2022
Scratching Post Costume.png Scratching Post Costume June 26, 2021
Sombrero Cordobés.png Sombrero Cordobés July 18, 2021
Squid Scrunch.png Squid Scrunch June 26, 2021
Squid Sticks.png Squid Sticks June 3, 2021
Steel Watch.png Steel Watch June 20, 2021
Summer Beach Ball.png Summer Beach Ball
Summer Punch.png Summer Punch June 3, 2021
Tennis Gear.png Tennis Gear June 20, 2021
The Blue Doggone.png The Blue Doggone June 3, 2021
The Blue Floppy Ears.png The Blue Floppy Ears
The Orange Kittytail.png The Orange Kittytail
The Orange Tomcat.png The Orange Tomcat
Wilderness Tent.png Wilderness Tent
Wolf Ears.png Wolf Ears

Obtainable in Week 3 chest only (15+ days of consecutive logins)
Icon Item Date Added
Money Bag.png 250 Coins July 21, 2021
Adventurous Hoodie.png Adventurous Hoodie June 26, 2021
Aqua Fairy Background Icon.png Aqua Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Beret.png Beret July 18, 2021
Best Friends Sweater.png Best Friends Sweater June 10, 2021
Blue Fairy Background Icon.png Blue Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Bow and Arrows.png Bow and Arrows June 10, 2021
Brown Stuffed Bunny.png Brown Stuffed Bunny November 17, 2021
Brunette Skater Pigtails.png Brunette Skater Pigtails February 2, 2022
Bubblegum Outfit.png Bubblegum Outfit June 10, 2021
Coffee Tray.png Coffee Tray June 20, 2021
Creative Hoodie.png Creative Hoodie June 26, 2021
Fabulous Hoodie.png Fabulous Hoodie
Far Out Outfit.png Far Out Outfit June 10, 2021
Gentle Hoodie.png Gentle Hoodie June 26, 2021
Glam Glasses.png Glam Glasses July 25, 2021
Gold Bling Bracelet.png Gold Bling Bracelet June 20, 2021
Gold Chandelier Earrings.png Gold Chandelier Earrings
Inventive Hoodie.png Inventive Hoodie June 10, 2021
Island Tube.png Island Tube
Intense Hoodie.png Intense Hoodie June 26, 2021
Light Blue Fairy Background Icon.png Light Blue Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Loyalty Hoodie.png Loyalty Hoodie June 26, 2021
Playful Hoodie.png Playful Hoodie
Rainbow Paint Hoodie.png Rainbow Paint Hoodie June 10, 2021
School Shopping.png School Shopping
Skater Pigtails.png Skater Pigtails February 2, 2022
Slider Cell.png Slider Cell June 20, 2021
Snow Launcher.png Snow Launcher June 10, 2021
Speed Boat.png Speed Boat June 20, 2021
Sporty Hoodie.png Sporty Hoodie June 10, 2021
Star Out Costume.png Star Out Costume
Stunt Performer Suit.png Stunt Performer Suit February 2, 2022
Sushi and Soda.png Sushi and Soda July 25, 2021
Tags.png Tags June 10, 2021
Tourist Camera.png Tourist Camera July 25, 2021
Urban Diva Outfit.png Urban Diva Outfit June 10, 2021
Ushanka.png Ushanka July 18, 2021
Wild O'berry Background icon.png Wild O'berry Background July 21, 2021
White Fairy Background Icon.png White Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Zany Hoodie.png Zany Hoodie June 26, 2021

Obtainable in Week 4 chest only (22+ days of consecutive logins)
Icon Item Date Added
Money Bag.png 500 Coins July 21, 2021
14K Fish Necklace.png 14K Fish Necklace June 17, 2021
500 Carat Diamond Ring.png 500 Carat Diamond Ring
Ancient Gold Dragon.png Ancient Gold Dragon July 18, 2021
Autumn Floral Outfit.png Autumn Floral Outfit June 26, 2021
Balloon Blade.png Balloon Blade July 18, 2021
Black Fairy Background Icon.png Black Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Black Leather Jacket.png Black Leather Jacket June 17, 2021
Bling Bling Necklace.png Bling Bling Necklace
Creepy Cutie T-Shirt.png Creepy Cutie T-Shirt
Daisy Daydream Outfit.png Daisy Daydream Outfit
Diamond Bracelet.png Diamond Bracelet June 20, 2021
Donut Conqueror.png Donut Conqueror February 2, 2022
Donut Destroyer.png Donut Destroyer
Exclusive Background Icon.png Exclusive Background June 17, 2021
Fairy Wand.png Fairy Wand July 25, 2021
Friends Forever Lei.png Friends Forever Lei
Frightened Outfit.png Frightened Outfit June 17, 2021
Galactic Hoodie.png Galactic Hoodie
Gold Bunny Slippers.png Gold Bunny Slippers
Gold Charm Necklace.png Gold Charm Necklace June 20, 2021
Gold Diva Shades.png Gold Diva Shades June 17, 2021
Gold Puffle Chain.png Gold Puffle Chain June 20, 2021
Golden Hoodie.png Golden Hoodie June 20, 2021
Golden Lei.png Golden Lei June 17, 2021
Golden Off-Roader.png Golden Off-Roader
Golden Sneakers.png Golden Sneakers June 20, 2021
Golden Unicorn Horn.png Golden Unicorn Horn June 20, 2021
Golf Cart.png
Golf Cart February 2, 2022
Grillz.png Grillz June 17, 2021
Jellyfish Necklace.png Jellyfish Necklace July 25, 2021
Lucky Hoodie.png Lucky Hoodie June 17, 2021
Magma Hoodie.png Magma Hoodie
O'berry Costume.png O'berry Costume June 26, 2021
Orange Fairy Background Icon.png Orange Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Peach Fairy Background Icon.png Peach Fairy Background
Pink Fairy Background Icon.png Pink Fairy Background
Pink Starglasses.png Pink Starglasses July 25, 2021
Pixelhopper Shirt.png Pixelhopper Shirt June 17, 2021
Purple Fairy Background Icon.png Purple Fairy Background November 17, 2021
Purple Quilted Vest.png Purple Quilted Vest
Red Fairy Background Icon.png Red Fairy Background
Red Flower Hat.png Red Flower Hat
Royal Golden Robe.png Royal Golden Robe June 26, 2021
Shark Costume.png Shark Costume June 17, 2021
Solid Gold Viking Helmet.png Solid Gold Viking Helmet
Sunken Treasure.png Sunken Treasure
The Golden Soccer Ball.png The Golden Soccer Ball
Trading Cards Background icon.png Trading Cards Background July 21, 2021
Yellow Fairy Background Icon.png Yellow Fairy Background November 17, 2021


  • It was planned to be improved upon with more items added to it, but was cancelled due to Club Penguin Rewritten shutting down.[2]