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Rockhopper and the Stowaway was a book in the Book Room. It was published by Snowball Press. It featured Bambadee and Rockhopper as the main characters of the story line. Yarr was also mentioned in this book. At the back of the book, you could find Bambadee's Friendship Bracelet.


While at sea one day, Rockhopper studies his charts and begins to crave cream soda. While looking below deck for a barrel of soda, he sees two flippers poking out of an old treasure chest, the penguin reveals himself as Bambadee. Rockhopper then tells the stowaway that he is going to be brought back to the island in the morning. After Rockhopper goes back to his quarters, Bambadee tries to trick him into allowing him to stay, but is given away by his bracelet. He tells Rockhopper that he was getting teased for his name and his bracelet. Rockhopper then reassures him that he does have friends and to give it a second go. The next morning, the two part ways.

The next time Rockhopper visits, Bambadee sees him and tells him what had happened since they met. The book closes with Rockhopper narrating how brave Bambadee had become.