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Ruby and the Ruby is a mystery-themed stage play in Club Penguin Rewritten. It first premiered on September 13, 2017 and ended on October 20, 2017. Its first encore began on March 15, 2019 and ended on April 11, 2019. Its second encore began on May 7, 2020 and ended on May 29, 2020.

Each play at the Stage comes with a Costume Trunk catalog.


Stage Script top.png
  • Ruby and the Ruby
  • Scene 1
  • Hammer
    I was working late. A Terrible storm was raging.
  • Ruby
    You gotta help me!
  • Hammer
    What's the problem madam?
  • Ruby
    Someone has stolen my gemstone!
  • Hammer
    Jacques Hammer at your service.
  • Ruby
    Let's work together.
  • Hammer
    I work alone, Ms. Ruby.
  • Ruby
    There was this fishy-looking guy outside.
  • Hammer
    And you suspect him?
  • Ruby
    I saw him throw something in the bin.
  • Scene 2
  • Hammer
    The name's Hammer - Jacques Hammer.
  • Hammer
    I've got a few questions for you.
  • Tenor
    Mind if I play hopscotch while you ask them?
  • Hammer
    What were you doing yesterday?
  • Tenor
    I was right here with my hopscotch gang.
  • Hammer
    I bet you've hopscotched away a few gems, right?
  • Tenor
    You're barking up the wrong tree, Hammer.
  • Scene 3
  • Hammer
    There was nothing in the bin. I needed clues.
  • Dom
    Hello Mr. Hammer. It's good to see you, sir.
  • Hammer
    Seen anything suspicious, Dom?
  • Dom
    Sorry, Mr. Hammer, sir, I haven't.
  • Hammer
    Where's Ms. Ruby?
  • Dom
    She's arranging the flowers across the hall, sir.
  • Hammer
    That lady's trouble. I need to speak to her...
  • Dom
    Don't forget to sign the guestbook, sir.
  • Scene 4
  • Hammer
    Anything else you can tell me, madam?
  • Ruby
    Haven't you found it yet? I'm busy.
  • (Ruby exits)
  • Hammer
    I found a note under a vase.
  • Hammer
    The numbers looked like a combination.
  • Scene 5
  • Hammer
    Here's your gem, Ms. Ruby. It was safe all along.
  • Ruby
    Oh, jolly well done, Hammer.
  • Hammer
    Another day, another crime solved.
  • Director
    Scene 1. And, action!
  • Director
    Scene 2, from the top!
  • Director
    Scene 3, places please.
  • Director
    Scene 4. Let's see some effort here.
  • Director
    Ready for Scene 5?
  • Director
    Let's take it from the top.
  • Director
    Can we have some quiet please?
  • Director
    Two minute call, actors and actresses to the stage.


  • A different ruby pin has been hidden each time this play has been at the Stage.
    • The Ruby was hidden during its first run.
    • The Ruby Brooch was hidden during its second run.
    • The Round Ruby was hidden during its third run.
  • This is the second play to not feature a Switchbox 3000; the first being Space Adventure and the third one being Secrets of the Bamboo Forest
  • The Keeper of the Stage can be spotted in the train that often moves along the train tracks.
  • The set of this play is colored mostly in black and white to give a 50s' detective sort of style. This is also the only play so far to do this.
  • The first hidden background, the Noir Background, comes from this play.
  • "The name's Hammer - Jacques Hammer." line from Scene 2 is a reference to the famous James Bond phrase "The name's Bond. James Bond."
  • This stage play won the award for 'Best Music' at the Penguin Play Awards 2018.
  • The character Jacques Hammer is a reference to (Inspector) Jacques Clouseau, another police detective from The Pink Panther film series.
  • This stage play won the Penguin Play Awards 2020.

Ruby Safe

Below are instructions on how to unlock the safe containing a pin (Warning: Spoilers)

  1. Click the first folder of the drawer in Hammer's office.
  2. Click the trash can in the corner of the street.
  3. Click the book placed on the table in the bottom left corner of the room.
  4. Click the flower pot on the table in Ms. Ruby's home.
  5. Click the painting placed to the right side of the room to reveal a safe.
  6. Click the safe to unlock it and reveal the pin.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost
Gray Fedora.png
Gray Fedora 250 Coin Icon.png
The Movie Star.png
The Movie Star 600 Coin Icon.png
Blue Felt Hat.png
Blue Felt Hat 300 Coin Icon.png
Doorman's Cap.png
Doorman's Cap 150 Coin Icon.png
Director's Hat.png
Director's Hat 250 Coin Icon.png

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost
Pearl Necklace.png
Pearl Necklace 550 Coin Icon.png
Skinny Blue Tie.png
Skinny Blue Tie 150 Coin Icon.png

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Detective's Coat.png
Detective's Coat 650 Coin Icon.png No
Dazzle Dress.png
Dazzle Dress 600 Coin Icon.png
Blue Zoot Suit.png
Blue Zoot Suit 700 Coin Icon.png
Dark Detective Coat.png
Dark Detective Coat 650 Coin Icon.png Yes
Doorman's Jacket.png
Doorman's Jacket 400 Coin Icon.png No

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost
Magnifying Glass.png
Magnifying Glass 150 Coin Icon.png

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost
Black Zoot Shoes.png
Black Zoot Shoes 450 Coin Icon.png


Icon Item
Ruby Pin.png
Ruby Brooch Pin.png
Ruby Brooch
Round Ruby Pin.png
Round Ruby


Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Detective Background Icon.png
Detective Background 60 Coin Icon.png No
Noir Background Icon.png
Noir Background Yes