The Save the Migrator Project was an event in Club Penguin Rewritten that began on February 18, 2021, alongside the Submarine Party, and ended on April 4, 2021.


On February 17, 2021, while on voyage to Club Penguin Island, The Migrator struck an iceberg and was damaged. Rockhopper and Yarr was forced to abandon ship on a small boat. In response to this incident, the Save the Migrator Project was initiated to recover the damaged Migrator.

Following the conclusion of the Submarine Party on March 7, parts of The Migrator and its frame had been recovered.


Icon Item Location
Miners Helmet.png
Miners Helmet Iceberg
Rockhopper's Wreck Giveaway Icon.png
Rockhopper's Wreck Giveaway Rockhopper's Player Card


The following stamp was also available to collect during this event:

Image Name Location
Rockhopper Stamp.png
Rockhopper Meeting Rockhopper



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