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The Secret HQ was a party room in Club Penguin Rewritten. It made an appearance in Operation: Blackout as a backup HQ for the EPF (Elite Penguin Force).

The room contained teleporters to the Beach, Ski Village, Dock, Town, and Plaza. Teleporters were also placed in those locations which could teleport players back to this room. A cave opening to the left also led players to the Secret Tunnel. Players could also access the Operation: Blackout Catalog here.

Other details included three dummies in the shape of Herbert P. Bear, a planning table and a billboard displaying those who were missing at the time (This started with Gary, then Dot, followed by Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and finally, The Director).


  • When loading the room, it would say "Loading Wilderness".
  • If someone wore a Herbert Disguise in the room, a Herbert alert would go off.
  • You could move the penguins on the planning table by dragging with the left mouse button held down.
  • Some elements from this room were used to create the recon room.


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