The Ship Hold is the lower deck of the Migrator, a pirate ship owned by Captain Rockhopper. The Ship Hold serves as a storage area for the whole ship. While the Migrator is docked, it also serves as a store, which sells treasures Rockhopper has found on his travels, through the Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog.

There is a set of stairs in the lower left corner of the room, which leads to the upper deck. There is also a door leading into the Captain's Quarters, although it is locked, and requires a key for access. On the left edge of the room, there is a shop stand, covered by a tent, with a table for making purchases at.

Many objects are stored here that Rockhopper owns, including barrels, crates, treasure chests, clothing, a Mancala board, pink flamingos, various items for Puffles, a ship in a bottle, an inflatable ball, a large map, and more.




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