Shipwreck Island is a small island far from Club Penguin Island. It is known for its stormy weather and its rocky terrain. Hence its name, several shipwrecks have been found here.

The island is said to be quite old, as viking shipwrecks and old architecture were identified here. From the island you could explore the Viking Hall inside a cave.

It was explored by Captain Rockhopper and his crew during Rockhopper's Quest, when they had to build a beacon so ships would not crash into the island at night.

To build the beacon (and finish the quest), you had to click 3 times in the beacon construction. Those who helped in construction of the beacon were rewarded with the Shipwreck Beacon Pin.


Image Pin
Shipwreck Beacon Pin.png
Shipwreck Beacon Pin


  • The red light of the Shipwreck Island beacon is visible from the telescope at the Beacon.
  • When the island was in stormy weather at night, a flash of lightning would reveal a distant island.


Geographic location

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