The Snowball Dome is an unreleased party room that was intended to have been introduced with the Music Jam 2020.[1] It was primarily designed by hagrid and Flippy, yet they both refused to allow Club Penguin Rewritten to use the room after they resigned in May 2020.

Cadence, DJ Maxx, Dubstep Puffle, and the Penguin Band were planned to perform various songs such as "The Party Starts Now", "The Party Starts Now Remix", "Anchors Aweigh", "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance", "Cool in the Cold" and "Dubstep Puffle". The song lyrics would have also appeared on the bottom of the screen as subtitles.


  • For "The Party Starts Now" segment, Cadence would have been joined by four backup dancers; Lucy, Rosie, Jordyn, and Alice.
  • Taking the fact that multiple flashing images and effects were going to be used, there would have been a pop-up alert warning players about the potential risk of triggering animations.



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