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Soccer Mommy is a real-life band that consists of Graeme, Julian, Rodrigo, Rollum, and Sophie. The band collaborated with Club Penguin Rewritten and performed a concert on April 16, 2020 at the Concert Hall to promote their album Color Theory. During the concert, players could obtain a free item from each of the band members' Player Cards.

After the concert, the band held a live q&a at the Concert Backstage with Stu.

Band Members

  • Graeme is the bassist for the band and plays the black bass guitar.
  • Julian is the guitarist for the band and plays the White Electric Guitar.
  • Rodrigo is the keyboardist for the band and plays the Green Keytar.
  • Rollum is the drummer for the band.
  • Sophie is the lead singer and guitarist for the band and plays a black guitar. She is also the founder of the band.


Color Theory:

  • Bloodstream
  • Circle in the Drain
  • Royal Screwup
  • Night Swimming
  • Crawling in My Skin
  • Yellow Is the Color of Her Eyes
  • Up the Walls
  • Lucy
  • Stain
  • Gray Light



Player Cards