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Club Penguin Rewritten owns five social media accounts across four sites; their two Twitter accounts, one YouTube channel, an Instagram account, as well as a TikTok account. They also own a Discord server and several Club Penguin Rewritten-related email accounts.

List of Social Media

• Twitter

Club Penguin Rewritten owns two Twitter accounts. They are @CPRewritten, which is the main account, and @CPRSupport, which is the maintenance account. They are used for announcing new updates and responding to questions that players have.


  • Stu runs the Twitter accounts.
  • The main account's icon and header are updated every party.
  • There was a Spanish version of the main Twitter account that was abandoned a couple days after it was made.
  • The main twitter was temporarily suspended on March 5, 2019 for suspected impersonation, but was brought back on March 7, 2019.


• YouTube

Club Penguin Rewritten owns one YouTube channel. They usually post trailers for upcoming parties, games and other miscellaneous videos.


  • Club Penguin Rewritten had an old channel before it was abandoned and later deleted.
  • It used to be Stu's channel before it was rebranded into the official channel.
  • Wolf Star is the main character of Club Penguin Rewritten's YouTube videos.
  • Devcast is hosted here.


• Instagram

Club Penguin Rewritten owns one Instagram account. It is used for announcing updates through pictures and stories.


• TikTok

Club Penguin Rewritten owns one TikTok account which was created on February 3, 2021. According to the account's biography, the account is meant to promote the game.


• Discord

Club Penguin Rewritten currently has one public Discord server. Updates to the game are announced in there and community members can also chat in there.

In order to be verified, users must have a verified phone number linked to their Discord account before they can access anywhere on the Discord Server. Alternatively, they can instead direct message an Administrator on Discord to allow them in manually.

Current Server Layout

As of November 18, 2021

Note that the table below may not contain all existing channels; furthermore, not all channels may be in use and some may have been removed.

Standard channels that all verified members of the Discord can view and access.
Verified Member Channels
Category Type Channel Name Purpose
Administration Announcement 📣 announcements Announcements related to upcoming parties and games are announced here.
📣 games-night Created to announce Games Nights events. This channel is locked to those with the Games Night role.
📣 game-updates
(formerly #html5-updates)
Users can view updates regarding HTML5 testing here.
Rules/Guidelines #rules Contains the rules for the Discord Server as well as in-game.
Text #bugs
(formerly #html5-bugs)
Users can report in-game bugs here.
Text (View-Only) #support Help page for frequently asked questions.
Community Text #community Users can chat in here.
#games Dedicated chat for games, both Club Penguin-related and non Club Penguin-related.
#bot-cmds Dedicated for using the Protobot (Red open source) bot commands such as Trivia quizzes.
#memes Dedicated for posting memes.
#art Dedicated for posting art.
#suggestions (formerly #html5-suggestions) Users can suggest new things to be added into both in-game and the Discord Server. Other users can then react with either a thumbs-up emoji or a thumbs-down emoji to show their opinion.
#suggestions-discussion Users can discuss suggestions that were given in the #suggestions channel here.
Support Text (View-Only) #open-ticket Users can open a support ticket here.
Voice Chats Voice 🔊 Town-VC For voice chatting.
🔊 Plaza-VC

Known channels that are restricted to Staff members only.
Staff-Only Channels
Category Type Channel Name Purpose
Moderation Text #discord-staff Staff members can chat here and give out mutes and bans.
Text (view only) #message-log Contains the message log, which shows all edited and deleted messages in the Discord Server.
#mod-log Contains the mod log, which shows all mutes and bans given in the Discord Server as well as accompanying reasons.
#newspaper[1] Only seen in a screenshot stu sent. Club Penguin Times question, joke, riddle and poem submissions are sent here for review.
#ask-aa[2] Only seen in screenshots posted by Staff on Twitter and Discord. User submissions to the newspaper are sent here for review.

Other channels that may not fit into either two categories; also includes inactive and removed channels.
Other/Miscellaneous Channels
Category Type Channel Name Purpose
Administration Text (View-Only) #welcome New users who join the Discord Server are greeted with a welcome message. By clicking on the reaction to the welcome message, they are verified and given access to the server.
Announcement 📣 fruit-codes Created temporarily to announce the release of a few codes that gave out fruit-themed items.
Text #archived-bugs (formerly #bugs, for Flash version) Users can report in-game bugs here.
Community #flash-suggestions (formerly #suggestions, for Flash version) Users can suggest new things to be added into both in-game and the Discord Server. Other users can then react with either a thumbs-up emoji or a thumbs-down emoji to show their opinion.
Moderation #mod-chat For moderation purposes. It was replaced by #discord-staff on April 30, 2020.
Music #pizzaparlor-chat For community member Perapin's Pizza Parlor Disco 2020 community event.
#nightclub-chat (renamed to #pizzaparlor-admin) Users can use Rythm bot commands here to listen to music. It was removed in May 2020 but re-used for community member Perapin's Pizza Parlor Disco 2020 event.
Voice 🔊 The Night Club Used for listening to music through Rythm bot. It was removed due to misuse.
🔊 Pizza Parlor Used for community member Perapin's Pizza Parlor Disco 2020 event.
Voice 🔊 The Town For voice chatting. They were removed due to difficulties in moderating.
🔊 The Plaza
🔊 The Cove (384kbps)
Unknown Text #mod-rules Unknown purpose. They could be seen through a Discord glitch.[3]

Voice channels 🔊 The Town, 🔊 The Plaza and 🔊 The Cove (384kbps) were closed on April 12, 2020 due to a lack of sufficient and proper moderating. Thorn originally stated that there was no intention to bring them back.[4]

Music channel 🔊 The Night Club was closed on May 17, 2020 due to to people misusing it. The 🔊 Pizza Parlor music channel was added for community member Perapin's Pizza Parlor Disco 2020 event on December 13, 2020 and was removed shortly after the event.

On February 8, 2021, voice channels were re-implemented for community testing. A new category called "Voice Chats" was created and the 🔊 Town-VC voice channel was created with a maximum of capacity of 10 users, which was later raised to 15. Another voice channel, 🔊 Plaza-VC was also created on February 9. They were removed temporarily on March 1, 2021 due to trolls, and were re-implemented on March 20, 2021.

On July 21, 2021, the 📣 games-night channel was created. It is used to announce Games Nights. The channel is currently locked to those with the Games Night role only.


Role colors can only be viewed on desktop.

Roles that are currently in use.
Active Roles
Role Can post links Can delete messages Can mute, kick or ban members Can unban members Can turn on slowmode feature

(Protobot only)
Discord Moderators
Nitro Booster

(Own messages only)

(Own messages only)
Games Night

(Own messages only)

Roles that are currently not in use.
Inactive Roles
Role Can post links Can delete messages Can mute, kick or ban members Can unban members Can turn on slowmode feature
Community Manager¹
Junior Moderators¹
Voice Chat¹

¹ Currently not in use.
² Given to all staff members. Grants control of the servers' Bots.
³ Removed.
⁴ Limited-time use only.
✅ Permissions enabled.
❌ Permissions disabled.
❓ Permissions unknown.


The current Discord Server was created on February 6, 2018, replacing the original 2017 server as the latter still had Codey, a former Staff member, in it.

From February 2018 to June 2019, users had to message Staff members on Twitter in order to ask for an invite to the server. From June 6, 2019 onwards, the Discord Server became public and the invite was made available on the Club Penguin Rewritten website directly.

Temporary Closure

Following the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (in short, DMCA) takedown forms being sent to many Club Penguin Private Servers around May 13, 2020, verification to be allowed into the server was paused on May 14. This was to help the Discord Moderators due to a recent high influx of new users following the closure of another highly-popular Club Penguin Private Server, as well as to help keep the Community calm as many had questions over Club Penguin Rewritten's status over the DMCA.

Following significant events on May 15, 2020, where several Staff members resigned in protest of unfavorable working conditions, which also prompted protests within the Community itself, all community channels were locked on May 17, 2020, effectively "closing" the Discord Server. As a result, community members could not chat anywhere in the server.

Sometime later, the Discord invite to the server was removed from the Club Penguin Rewritten website.


Throughout the period the Discord Server was closed, many people on Twitter began to wish for the Discord Server to reopen. As a result, the Discord Server was reopened on May 30, 2020 to fulfill those wishes,[5] this time with stricter restrictions such as the lack of the music channel as well as stricter punishments.


Due to high tensions in the Community following the drama from May 17, 2020, Thorn announced that any rule-breakers will be instantly banned from the Discord Server without being given a prior mute or warning. This sparked protests and theories that Club Penguin Rewritten was possibly censoring users.


  • The icon and server banner are updated periodically in line with the current or upcoming party or event.
  • There was an old #community channel that was deleted on January 1, 2019 after an incident occurred with the Admins.[6]
  • There is a Discord Server specially allocated for in-game Moderators which is kept a secret from the Community.
  • At some point between the server's 2020 closure on May 15 and May 22, 2020, the invite link to the server was taken off the "Social" category on the Club Penguin Rewritten website. The link itself was also made invalid.
    • The invite link was made available again starting from June 12, 2020, and was added back to the "Social" category on July 7, 2020.
  • On October 27, 2020, the server was temporarily shifted into view-only mode for all community members for three hours as the Staff was trying to fix the server's Bot, Protobot.[7]
  • On January 8, 2021, a support ticket system was introduced. To open a ticket, players can click on the "Open a ticket!" button in the #open-ticket channel. A staff member would either respond or close the ticket depending on the situation. The system was introduced in order to reduce the number of people directly messaging a moderator.
    • The ticket system was closed for two months due to issues with a Discord update; it was fixed and brought back on July 22, 2021.


• Contact Emails

Club Penguin Rewritten has nine email accounts, each designated for a specific purpose:

Email Purpose For general support and questions. For appealing bans in both the Discord Server and in-game. For abuse reports. For requesting an account deletion. For sending fanart, which could possibly be published in the Club Penguin Times. For business-related inquiries. For applying to be a Staff member in Club Penguin Rewritten. Stu's personal Club Penguin Rewritten email account.¹ Thorn's personal Club Penguin Rewritten email account.¹

¹Usually related to company and business-related inquiries, however sometimes given out to help users since the general support system is very long. [8]


  • Most of the emails are handled by stu.
  • Thousands of emails are reportedly received each day.

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