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The Stage was a room on Club Penguin Rewritten. Here, players could access the Costume Trunk to buy costumes related to the play that was currently showing. The play usually changed every month, and each play came with a script. Players could also operate the Switchbox 3000 here to obtain the Stage Crew Stamp.

List of Plays

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The following pins were released at the Stage:

Icon Pin Play
Mermaid Shell Pin.png
Mermaid Shell Pin Underwater Adventure
Ruby Pin.png
Ruby Ruby and the Ruby
Ruby Brooch Pin.png
Ruby Brooch
Round Ruby Pin.png
Round Ruby
Shrimp Pin.png
Shrimp Pin The Twelfth Fish
Square Ruby Pin.png
Square Ruby Ruby and the Ruby

The following pins have been released at different locations of the island, but relate to certain stage plays:

Icon Pin Location Play
Magic Phial Pin.png
Magic Phial Underground Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed
Gold Feather Pin.png
Gold Feather Pin Mine Shack Secrets of the Bamboo Forest


  • During the Noir Party in March 2021, the Stage did not present a play. Instead, it was decorated as a police department.
  • When the Spanish servers were released, the name "El Centro Comercial" showed when the room was loading. That is the spanish name for the Mall. This was not fixed.






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