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Stamps were achievements awarded to a player after completing an activity, or fulfilling a certain task in a game. There were three types of stamps, Event Stamps, Activities Stamps and Games Stamps. There were also five stamp difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme and Insanity, the last being exclusive to Club Penguin Rewritten.

There were a total of 325 stamps available to collect. For more information on the Stamp Book where the stamps were kept in, check out the stamp book page.

Stamp Book

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The Stamp Book was where all of the player's stamps and pins are displayed. Pins were arranged in date of release (the time they are available). If you hover over them, you could have seen when the pins where released and what they are called. In addition, a player could've customize the front of their Stamp Book with collected stamps and pins by using the Stamp Book Editor.


  • The only stamps to have the Insanity difficulty were the Rare Mullet Stamp, Unbeatable Stamp, and Pure Ice! Stamp.
  • Collecting every stamp available in a game would have allowed you to earn double coins for that game.
  • The shape of the stamps represented what types they were, for example: Hexagon stamps were games-related.
  • The Medium difficulty stamps were the only ones to have a different background design depending on what type it was; Easy, Hard, Extreme, and Insanity all had the same design, placed in the center of the stamp, regardless of if it was an Event Stamp, an Activities Stamp, or a Games Stamp.


The sound would've played when a stamp is earned.


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