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The Stamp Book is a book where penguins can view all of their stamps. Each penguin has one of these books. It is located under your coins when you click on your penguin. There are 4 different main sections where you can get stamps; Games, Activities, Events, and Pins. Events are split into Party and Characters (Mascots).

Penguins can decorate the cover of their stamp book by clicking on the pencil in the bottom right corner. The pencil icon only appears when you're on the cover screen. In edit mode, you can edit the color, highlight, pattern and icon of the Stamp Book's cover. Penguins can also up to add 6 of their favorite stamps to the cover. Other penguins can view their stamp book from their Player Card.

Each section has different designs. Game stamps are in a hexagonal shape, Events are in an upside-down triangle shape, and Activities stamps are in an oval shape.


  • Each game (excluding Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Fire, and Treasure Hunt) will earn you double coins after achieving all stamps.
  • Although this is now fixed, having all the stamps for a game used to halve the total coins you earned and then doubled them, resulting in getting the same number of coins one would usually get.
  • There are currently 253 game stamps, 36 activity stamps, and 35 event stamps.



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