The Starter Deck is an award in Club Penguin Rewritten. It is obtained by beginning your ninja journey in Card-Jitsu. It contains 24 cards, 6 of which are Power Cards.


Location Available from Available until
Dojo August 14, 2017 September 25, 2017
December 27, 2017 Still available


  • There are 2 ways to get this Starter Deck: going for the first time at the Dojo Courtyard, or speaking to Sensei for the first time.


  • These following cards are composing this Starter Deck.
Photo Name Element Number Color Effect
PAINT BY LETTERS card image.png
Paint By Letters Fire.png 2 None
Construction Worker Fire.png 2 None
CART SURFER card image.png
Cart Surfer Fire.png 3 None
PIZZA CHEF card image.png
Pizza Chef Fire.png 6 None
GARY THE GADGET GUY card image.png
Gary Fire.png 6 None
HOT SAUCE card image.png
Hot Sauce Fire.png 7 None
Jackhammer Card.png
Jackhammer Fire.png 10
CJ Power Reversal.png
Night Vision Goggles Card.png
Night Vision Goggles Fire.png 11
CJ Discard Yellow Card.png
BASEBALL card image.png
Baseball Water.png 2 None
Cadence and The Keeper Water.png 3 None
MANHOLE COVER card image.png
Manhole Cover Water.png 4 None
COINS card image.png
Coins! Water.png 5 None
FOOTBALL card image.png
Football Water.png 5 None
THE MIGRATOR card image.png
The Migrator Water.png 6 None
Firefighter Card.png
Firefighter Water.png 10
CJ Power Reversal.png
Octopus Card.png
Octopus Water.png 11
CJ Discard Blue Card.png
BLUE PUFFLE card image.png
Blue Puffle Snow.png 2 None
SKI HILL card image.png
Ski Hill Snow.png 2 None
PET SHOP card image.png
Pet Shop Snow.png 3 None
SNOWBALL FIGHT card image.png
Snowball Fight Snow.png 6 None
SOCCER card image.png
Soccer Snow.png 7 None
AUNT ARCTIC card image.png
Aunt Arctic Snow.png 7 None
Sled Racing Card.png
Sled Racing Snow.png 10
CJ Power Reversal.png
AC 3000 Card.png
AC 3000 Snow.png 11
CJ Discard Green Card.png

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