The Test Chamber is one of Gary the Gadget Guy's inventions. It appears in all of the PSA Missions in which the Gadget Room is accessible, but was broken until the 7th mission. The fixed version has an extra gear on its left, darker light bulbs, and a different "freeze" button.

Role in Missions

The Test Chamber was fixed and available for use in Mission 7 and had to be operated by the agent to make a gear for the Clock Tower. It was used again in Mission 11 to fill a can with water and then freeze it, to create a lens for the Beacon Telescope.


There are three buttons on the Test Chamber: Fire, Water, and Snow. Each button would perform its own task, respectively. The buttons are elements either by coincidence or perhaps the buttons were put in as a reference to the elements at the Dojo Courtyard.

  • The fire button heats or burns off the object placed.
  • The water button cools off an object or fills something up with water.
  • The snow button freezes an object. Before Mission 7, its icon was a fan rather than a snowflake.


  • Despite the chamber appearing in every mission from 4 and onward, it is only used in Mission 7 and 11.
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