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The Fair 2019 was a party on Club Penguin Rewritten. It started on September 19, 2019, first revealed on Club Penguin Rewritten's Instagram account. Issue #123 of the Club Penguin Times confirmed that Rockhopper would be visiting the island during this party.

This party introduced golden tickets, which could be obtained by logging in daily or randomly after playing a game at the fair. They could also be bought with 5,000 regular tickets. They can be used at Spin To Win for a chance to gain a variety of prizes, including Mystery Prizes.


Game Found At
Balloon Pop Bonus Games Room
Puffle Soaker
Feed-A-Puffle Cove
Memory Card Game Forest
Puffle Paddle
Puffle Shuffle Dock
Ring The Bell
Spin To Win


Free Items

Icon Item Location
Luxury Cowboy Hat.png
Luxury Cowboy Hat Lighthouse
Rockhopper's Fair Giveaway Icon.png
Rockhopper's Fair Giveaway Rockhopper's Player Card
Snow Cone Pin.png
Snow Cone Pin Coffee Shop
Step Right Up Background Icon.png
Step Right Up Background Ski Village


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The following stamp was also available to collect during this party:

Image Name Location
Rockhopper Stamp.png
Rockhopper Meeting Rockhopper


  • It was shown in a video promoting the party that The Migrator was originally not docked at the Beach. It also showed that Spin To Win was originally called Grab & Spin when hovered over.[1]
  • The day after the party was released, the amount of tickets and coins you could win in Spin To Win was increased and golden tickets could be bought with 10,000 tickets at Spin To Win.
    • On October 2, 2019, the price of golden tickets was changed to 5,000 tickets.
  • Stu designed the decorations for the Lighthouse, Mine Shack and the Pizza Parlor.
    • The Pizza Parlor's color palette was inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2.[2]
  • It was originally going to be combined with the Halloween Party, but was scrapped due to not everyone on the team being on board with it. The Mine Shack was also supposed to decorated after a haunted theme park, but was scrapped.[3]
  • The Bumper Car Bonus originally didn't have a Cream Soda barrel, hay on the top left, and a sign pointing to the Bonus Games Room. The Feed Fluffy Trashcan also originally had balloons attached to it.[4]
  • There was going to be new content during the second week, but it was scrapped to focus on the upcoming party.[5]


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