The Great Puffle Circus was a party room that first appeared in Club Penguin Rewritten during The Fair 2017, and returned for The Fair 2018, The Fair 2019 and The Fair 2020. Inside the circus there are some seats for the audience, a circus ring, and a ringmaster who is a Yellow Puffle. Penguins can select an act by choosing a certain Puffle and the act will be something associated with that Puffle.

List of Acts

Name of Act Featuring
The Flying Fireball A black puffle who turns on fire and flies through rings in the air.
The Bearded Puffle A white puffle with a long beard appearing on stage, however, the beard seems to be fake.
The Puffle Cannonball A red puffle hopping into a cannon and blasts through fire rings on a safe string hammock.
The Delightful Diver A pink puffle jumping from a diving pool into a bucket of water, whilst wearing a snorkel.
The Joyful Juggler A green puffle juggles above whilst on a unicycle and balancing on the string.
The Brilliant Bouncer A blue puffle bounces on a spotty ball, whilst also doing somersaults.
The Vanishing Puffle The ringmaster puffle goes behind the curtains. The curtains open up to reveal not only the ringmaster but a purple puffle. The ringmaster uses a cloth and puts it over the puffle. He then waves his wand and pulls the cloth away in-which the puffle has disappeared.
The Munching Marvel An orange puffle drives in a small car, before leaving it, and eating it. It then hops behind the curtain whilst a honking noise plays every time it hops.
The Great Pufflini A brown puffle appears on the stage trying to lift a weight. He struggles to lift it up, so he pops on his lab goggles and uses one of its inventions to shrink it so he can lift it.
The Mighty Crab Tamer A grey puffle commands a crab to do tricks.


  • There are 10 acts to choose from in the circus.
    • During the Brown Puffle's act, its design changed to the newer version instead of the old one.
  • There is no Yellow Puffle act, as the ringleader is yellow.
  • The animation for The Mighty Crab Tamer was made by Rainbert.


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