The Sledpocalypse was an event on Club Penguin Rewritten. The living sleds took over the island during the second phase of the Halloween Party 2019. Their objective of the event was to convert all penguins into sleds using the Sled Maker 3000, turn all rooms black and white, and to allow Herbert P. Bear to rule the island.

The Club Penguin Times, the What's New Blog, the CPRewritten Twitter and the Club Penguin Rewritten Discord Server were all taken over by the living sleds during the event. This ended when Gary stopped Herbert by making the sleds chase him, and was also a double mascot visit.


  • When Gary's experiment went "terribly wrong", it is presumed to be because of Herbert and Klutzy's intervention.
  • It is the first unfortunate event to occur midway through a party.
  • The community page and legal page were both in grayscale.
  • The event was hinted at a week prior in Herbert's EPF Messages, the Club Penguin Times and Field-Ops.
  • The name "The Sledpocalypse" was confirmed by Herbert in EPF Messages.
  • This was the first time Herbert had attacked the island in a non-EPF related event.
  • During the event, the Club Penguin Rewritten Discord Server was renamed from "Club Penguin Rewritten" to "Club Sled Rewritten".
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