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The Wilderness is an area in Club Penguin Rewritten. It is similar to the Forest, however, it is not explored much.


The Wilderness is located below the Mountain. To get there you must go down the test track of the Mountain, which can be accessed in PSA Mission 2: G's Secret Mission.

It is thought that the back of the Ski Lodge acts as a close route to the Wilderness, reinforced by the fact that it is close to the Mountain.

Flora and Fauna

Except for some Puffles, not much lives in the Wilderness. Fluffy the Fish swim in the river, as shown in Secret Mission #2, and the Flora is limited to Pine Tree and O-Berry bushes. There is a rumor which is that a Yeti lives there. This Yeti is likely Herbert P. Bear.


There are many areas in the wilderness.

  • Mountain bottom: An area that you start out at. It is where you crash in Mission 2. After you crash there, there is a bunch of little pieces of the sled stuck in the ground. They were removed by Herbert to create the mechanical woodchopper.
  • Tree Stump: A perfectly normal area with a tree stump in the middle. Puffles are known to gather here.
  • O-Berry bush: Another normal area with a tall Pine Tree and a bush of O-berries.
  • Log: Again, another perfectly normal area. This room has 2 bushes in front (possibly old O-berry bushes) and a log.
  • River: An area that has a long river in it. The water can be boiled and can be drank. There are also fish in the waters, and is known to be a great fishing spot.
  • Cave (Outside): An area with a big cave. There were once bushes covering the entrance. Later on Herbert finds the cave and puts a door that has a small pet-flap-door to allow Klutzy to enter.
  • Wilderness Cave (Inside): The cave was once uninhabited and unknown. You make a fire in it in Mission 2. Later on, Herbert finds it and turns it into his secret HQ (which is now destroyed). He puts a cage in it and also puts blue prints, tools, and a broken red puffle bed for Klutzy.