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Thin Ice is a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten that is located in the Dance Lounge. It is styled around a classic arcade game.


The player must guide a Black Puffle that is on fire (probably by the effects of O' Berries) through a maze covered in ice, melting as many ice squares as they possibly can along the way, while collecting coin bags to earn additional coins and pushing blocks to their correct positions.

There are no lives, and players are not required to fully complete each level. There are 19 levels in total. At the end, the puffle smiles, is unhappy, or is angry depending on how well you did in the game.



Image Name Description
1CoinBagStamp(ThinIce).png 1 Coin Bag Collect 1 coin bag


Image Name Description
3CoinBagsStamp(ThinIce).png 3 Coin Bags Collect 3 coin bags
6CoinBagsStamp.png 6 Coin Bags Collect 6 coin bags
IcedTreasure.png Iced Treasure Find the hidden treasure room


Image Name Description
10 Coin Bags Stamp.png 10 Coin Bags Collect 10 coin bags
IceBonus.png Ice Bonus Completely melt 480 ice tiles
IceTrekker.png Ice Trekker Push all blocks into the correct position


Image Name Description
AllCoinBagsStamp.png All Coin Bags Collect all coin bags in every level
IceMaster.png Ice Master Master all the mazes


  • Unlike Astro Barrier, you can restart the entire level you are on and not lose a life.
  • Fully completing the game (equivalent to unlocking the Ice Master Stamp) will give you 1,840 coins, not including the possible time bonus.
  • It is possible to get all the stamps in the game in one session.



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