Thorn is an administrator on Club Penguin Rewritten.


  • He is a user on this wiki. His account can be found here.
  • He currently has 193 stamps.
  • He was demoted on November 17, 2017, however he was repromoted the next day.
    • He resigned on December 30, 2017, but came back and was promoted to administrator on February 8, 2018.
  • His name used to be "EyebrowBoy" before he changed it.
  • From late November 2018 to late December 2018, if a penguin had him on their buddy list and clicked on the "Find Player" button, a message would pop up saying "Thorn says BOO."
    • Additionally, if he came online, the message in the buddy list would read "Thorn" as opposed to "Thorn is online".
    • Several other staff members also had their a unique pop up message in 2021 saying "Swiper no swiping".[1]


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