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The Town was the central room of Club Penguin Rewritten and was one of the most common places where players first visit when they login. It was almost always decorated for parties. Players could access the Coffee Shop, the Night Club, the Gift Shop, the Snow Forts and the Dock from here.


  • From July 26, 2017 until August 2, 2017, you could see ninjas coming from behind the Gift Shop. This was to tease Card-Jitsu, which was released in August 2017.
  • From November 10, 2017 until November 15, 2017, there were notes of Gary missing on the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop prior to Operation: Blackout.
  • From May 17, 2018 until May 24, 2018, you could see the shadow of Scorn the Dragon King. This was a teaser for the Medieval Party 2018 which was under construction at the time. The party was released on May 24, 2018.
  • The Town was usually the last place a mascot visits before logging off.
  • During the Western Party it was renamed to "Old Town Road" on the loading screen, the EPF Phone, and when you find a friend. This was a reference to the song by Lil Nas X.
  • The music in the room was changed from an .swf file to an .mp3 file on October 10, 2019.
  • It was originally going to be just black and white without any decorations for the Halloween Party 2019, similar to the style of the Night of the Living Sled (series).[1]
  • It had a different design for the Medieval Party 2020 before being released.[2]
  • There was a bug when the Water Party 2020 first released where players were able to walk into the walls. This was fixed a few minutes afterwards.
  • In January 2022, a yellow puffle could be seen moving around the entrance of the Welcome Room. This was hinting towards puffles returning after their absence since the launch of the HTML5 client.


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