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Treasure Hunt was a two-player game in Club Penguin Rewritten. It was located in the Captain's Quarters of the Migrator.


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In Treasure Hunt, players had to dig for treasure hidden underneath the sand (normal) or snow (Holiday Parties).


There were three types of treasure that can be dug up in Treasure Hunt. They were:

  • Coins (which are Peppermint Candy during Holiday Parties) had a value of 1 coins each.
  • Gems (which are Candy Canes during Holiday Parties) had a value of 25 coins each.
  • Emeralds (which are Christmas ornaments during Holiday Parties) were worth 25 coins and gave a bonus of 100. coins when one is found. Note that if multiple emeralds were found, only one coin bonus would be applied. These were the rarest treasure, as they did not appear in every sandbox.



Image Name Description
Gem Skills stamp.png Gem Skills Uncover 2 gems in a single game
Collector stamp.png Collector Collect 8 coins in a single game


Image Name Description
In the Rough Stamp.png In the Rough Find a rare treasure
Gem Expert Stamp.png Gem Expert Uncover a gem in only 3 moves


Image Name Description
Gem Pro Stamp.png Gem Pro Uncover 2 gems in only 7 moves


  • It was confirmed in a What's Going On? blog post.[1]
  • During Holiday Parties, coins, gems and emeralds are replaced with Peppermint Candy, Candy Canes and Christmas ornaments respectively.
  • Just like Find Four and Mancala, players were able to watch other people play this game.
  • A bug occurred on July 9, 2020, where playing Treasure Hunt automatically banned players. This was fixed shortly afterwards, and all players that were unintentionally banned were unbanned and given 5000 coins as compensation.