I hope you like lots of beautiful colors, there are this many colors cause I like colors, mainly blue and green if you couldn't tell, and I like fiddling around with what the wiki can do.
I like Club Penguin Rewritten, Joined December 2nd 2017. I also played the original game from 2012 to about 2014. I used to watch my cousin play, apparently i really liked watching sled racing.

Random Trivia N' Stuff

  • On August 2nd, 2019 the mascot tracker bot mistakenly thought Sensei was online on blizzard town, this caused everyone to try to log on to get him, and it made it very hard for people to log on (including myself). (I don't know why but i find this really funny)
  • There was no pin available between February 24, 2017 and February 26, 2017.
  • The Penguin Style Jul'19 was the most expensive penguin style.
  • 2017 had the most penguin styles at 13.
  • 2018 had the least at 11 (2019 will likely have 12)
  • Before September 5, 2019 there was a way to check you penguin id by seeing a preview of the friends list swf file. However it was changed to HTML5 and is no longer possible
  • Before September 5, 2019 The buddy list/user in room list wasn't live. Meaning you'd have to go out of the list then reopen it to see if it changed.
  • the Island Lei is the only item to be released/rereleased in order to show support to a penguin in game (crouchie lad) #teamcrouchie.
  • Donations on November 3, 2019 were open for less than 5 hours.

List of Most Expensive Penguin Style Items

Item Cost From to
Blue Viking Helmet 1200 Coin Icon.png February 11, 2017 May 3, 2017
Gold Viking Helmet 1500 Coin Icon.png May 3, 2017 September 8, 2017
Lime Laptop 1800 Coin Icon.png September 8, 2017 May 4, 2019
Blue Snowsuit November 1, 2018
Gold Electric Guitar 2000 Coin Icon.png May 4, 2019 July 4, 2019
Enchanted Dragon Costume 2500 Coin Icon.png July 4, 2019 Present
Blue Wheeler* 3500 Coin Icon.png September 5, 2019 September 6, 2019

*It was a bug.

More lists

People with interesting names



Easiest stamps to get: Stamps Where you Bring a puffle in game, Clock Target, Underground
Hardest Stamps to get: Mullet Capture, Dessert Chef, Ace Pilot



the best color is Ocean Blue no debate.


Serene Springs is probably the coolest room right ahead of the Recon Room


Rookie is the best mascot.

Gray Mullet.png This user has caught the gray mullet
Sled Racing Medal Pin.png This user has the Sled Racing Medal Pin
Cart Surfer Medal Pin.png This user has the Cart Surfer Medal Pin
Rory.png This user has met Rory
Agent dot.png This user has met Dot
Mister Herbert P. Bear.png This user has met Herbert
Beta Hat.png This user does not have the Beta Hat


  • My most prized stamp is the Dessert Chef Stamp. It took me way to long to get let's just say more than 24 hours total.
  • I like mint.
    • Kinda like this:
00ffe2 0, 100, 89 173, 100, 100

  • I collected 17117 barrels during the Festival of Fruit.
  • My id is: 1431894.
  • I have 1 puffle, Sensei Jr.
  • I know you don't care about any of the trivia lol.



Old Outfits


Cart Surfer

Dance Contest


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